• Dual Boot Windows 10 not detected

    @ricklinux said in Dual Boot Windows 10 not detected:

    woeusb is in the repository.

    woeusb (or etcher or rufus …) all this is not necessary at all. A simple double click on the downloaded ISO file from the MS site is enough to start the burning process.Sorry, my mistake.

  • The original problem of creating a dual boot configuration with Windows and Antergos on the same storage medium (SSD) could unfortunately not be solved here. But it should be possible.

    I personally found a good solution with the help of the forum and especially @ricklinux in the personal chat. Therefore I mark this thread here as “solved”. I simply added another SSD and now use it exclusively for Linux-Antergos. If you have a new SSD, you can select “Erase Disc and install Antergos” in the following screen …


    Because it is a new SSD on which no important data can be deleted. Until then I had always chosen “Choose exactly where Antergos should be installed” because I didn’t want to overwrite the installed Windows boot of course. That’s how the problems arose.

    So, my personal solution: additional drive, install Antergos on it. Costs a little, but makes things cleaner.

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