• Sudo questions.

    Pls help me understand the sudo situation.

    my user is member of wheel and of course it;s own group

    sudo -l gives
    (ALL) ALL

    however the %wheel is commented out in /etc/sudoers

    if I do nopasswd it’s ignored I would guess it’s above the (all) all

    what am I missing?

  • @joekamprad well I did read it that’s why I do ask.

    To allow members of group wheel sudo access:
    %wheel      ALL=(ALL) ALL

    so far so good and it works.
    however it is commented out in the sudoers file. so my question is where is this access given to wheel group if not there.

    and the answer is /etc/sudoers.d/

    for anyone else bumping into that
    the line in sudoers file which caused my confusion - or rather not really noticing it caused it - is

    ## (the '#' here does not indicate a comment)

    so the directory is included.

  • Yes ;) Antergos is using an alias to sudoers.

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