• Kodi 18 problem

    I have installed Kodo 18 and i have a problem that everytime i try to open Netflix addon or addons with live TV it show error message. I have installed from the AUR the inputstreamadaptive which i believe there is the problem but nothing happens. Is there anyone who knows the solution?

  • @andreasdimo79

    Install following and you have Netflix as standalone app

    netflix-qdesktop 0.91-1

    My kodi set up working without errors


    kodi-addon-pvr-iptvsimple 3.5.7-1

    Like this no problems here.

  • The netflix-qdesktop 0.91-1 requires some other files that no longer exists

  • @andreasdimo79
    qtws runs fine on my system, have created desktop webapps from netflix, prime video, dazn all working fine.

    you can try qtwebflix-git also a Netflix standalone player.

  • https://repo.herecura.eu/
    Do provide kodi packages and addons at the repository also

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