• Trouble creating persistent USB

    Does it have to be one stick, or is it possible to use two, for different machine types?

  • @MLehmann
    And still, can you show a picture of the boot issue?

  • Preferably one since I only have that one large USB 3.0 stick. But if it is only possible to have it run on a MacBook if installed attached to a MacBook that should be doable, just not right now.
    Regarding the picture: might take a moment.
    Might take to tomorrow since I will be busy for the rest of the day and my laptop seems unwilling to boot right now.

  • @MLehmann
    OK, no rush. I may be a bit busy tomorrow, but occasionally I try to look at the forum. And there are others here that surely can help.

  • Thank you so much for your help so far. It is highly appreciated.

  • After another night of a faulty install I have since abandoned the project. Also, I had a word with the coordinator of the course I needed this for and simply handed my a persistent Kali linux USB stick.

  • @MLehmann
    OK. Sorry that I couldn’t help you with this one. But that’s just life sometimes.

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