• Problems with Dual Boot Installation of Live USB Stick

    @mr-ed Why don’t you open a new thread Dual Boot Windows not detected or something?

  • @ricklinux “Dual Boot Windows not detected” good idea! I’ll see tomorrow!

  • @joekamprad Command is unable to mount the EFI partition and complete. My understanding is that the fast boot feature in Windows 10 and hiberfile are not disabled. Somehow he has to force mount the EFI partition in order to run os-prober and the sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg These features need to be disabled in Windows 10. This is what i’m thinking from reading and experience with my own EFI hardware. Not 100% sure but my thoughts.

  • @ricklinux yes sounds logical to me…
    May os-prober writing logs to journal?

    journalctl /usr/bin/os-prober
  • @joekamprad With a UEFI board it’s easy to boot into Windows as both boot files are kept in the EFI partition and if you go into the UEFI boot screen it will have both in boot order. At least on my motherboard it keeps changes. Or you can use efibootmgr in Linux and it will be there also. So it would be easy to boot into Windows and turn Windows fast boot off and possibly hiberfile and then go back to boot Antergos. I have done it on my system many times as it is somewhat flaky and sometimes it decides to boot Windows only if you happen to make any changes to your UEFI Firmware settings sometimes. I have mine under control now as i understand how the UEFI settings work on my particular motherboard. I also use Easy UEFI on Windows as a backup. UEFI is not being implemented 100% the same across all manufacturers. There are differences and you really have to understand the settings of the particular product. I just don’t know enough of the Linux commands or built in tools and utilities and this problem is difficult to explain and process to fix is complex to a novice. I am wondering though if he were to use the fix grub boot with EFI instructions by using live ISO will accomplish getting access to the EFI partition? and fix this? It’s worth a try and probably the easiest. There is a good article here on UEFI. It’s very good.


  • Hello @ricklinux! I have just posted an article in the Newbies section of this forum, so that the discussion here does not become endless! Many thanks for the hint. I’ll take a closer look. My firm conviction: Problems make us smarter!

  • @joekamprad said in Problems with Dual Boot Installation of Live USB Stick:

    journalctl /usr/bin/os-prober

    [[email protected]]$ journalctl /usr/bin/os-prober
    [sudo] Passwort für ich: 
    -- Logs begin at Fri 2019-04-19 23:57:30 CEST, end at Sun 2019-04-21 15:02:43 C>
    -- No entries --
  • @mr-ed There are no entries because os-prober is unable to mount the EFI partition. I think it is caused by the fact that Windows 10 fast boot and possibly hiberfile were not turned off in Windows 10. This is just a theory.The real issue is getting os-prober to work and find the path to the other OS and the other command being able to run and update the Grub files. I won’t post anything more here and i will move to your new thread.

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