• Best Desktop Environment for Ryzen?

    Hello everyone just registered, have not been on linux in a few years and wanted to make the swap back. What Desktop Environment would be the most stable with my hardware? Also should I go Live or Minimal Installation?
    Ryzen 1700x
    Rx Vega 64
    Thanks in advance and glad to be back with Antergos!

  • Xfce as stability kde is nice :)

  • @karagra-0 My vote is for Cinnamon because it just works. Rarely have i had any issues with installing it and set up is easy. First things i do after installing is add the desktop Icons, adjust the panel settings. Install applets to the panel, add software, add any icons to the panel or desktop from the start menu and then use panel edit mode to move icons in the panel. From here you can customize it to look and feel how you like. You can change the icons to Numix circle if you don’t like square etc. What motherboard is running that beast? and memory?

  • The desktop environment isn’t the one that causes problems with your set up, it is important you’ll stick to the 5.0 kernel for your Vega card. That’s the only kernel that gives it a smooth ride on Linux. the LTS kernel won’t work with it.
    (The 5.0 kernel is the default linux kernel Antergos will install, btw.)

  • @karagra-0 What @Bryanpwo say’s is true because you are using the Rx Vega 64. I’m just saying that Cinnamon desktop is my favorite. You may or may not like it as everyone has different tastes and expectations. That’s why i like Linux so much i can choose what i want and i learn something new every day. I’ve tried almost every top distro out there and Antergos is my main system. I don’t care where it falls on the distro list i care about how it works. I believe in the rolling release model and after stumbling onto Antergos i will never look back. It is “Always Fresh” “Never Frozen”
    Antergos is for everyone! The developers have done an awesome job. Everyone here is very helpful and i appreciate it. Keep up the great work. You people rock!

  • As xfce i just meant there is not to much on it, mostly is good to go but at @Bryanpwo tells is true story :)

    further Desktops what you like is in preception very subjective :)

  • @karagra-0 ill throw a vote for KDE :)

  • KDE for sure. 😉

  • As @ringo32 already said about stability, my vote goes without doubt to Xfce.
    A rolling release model brings already so many changes that certain stability is really reassuring for me.

  • As he was asking for exactly what @manuel was repeating: a stable DE what brings fewer problems inside a rolling release System… i would say not GNOME/KDE/Deepin/MATE/Cinnamon as all of them have problems on updates bigger/smaller, XFCE is very stable and configurable to your likings and needs.

    I am using i3-WM --> very stable --> but needs a learning curve to configure to your likings.

  • Depends on your skills and needs…
    Iam using a Ryzen 2400g atm without any problems at all with xfce4 wich is the best solution for me.
    But I know that Gnome and KDE do their jobs on this pc as well(also tiling-wm´s do).
    On the long run I think it´s all about lesser integration(dependencies) lesser problems.

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