• One applet blows-up my desktop

    Hi Everyone,
    I gotta say I’m still patient even though I’ve had 15 various distros already broken because of some reason - mainly lack of my knowledge of course.
    Currently however I experience lack of desktop after installed a desktop widget (among others KDE widgets). Widget name: Webslice - it has something to do with Process 4930: plasmawindowed and Library: libQt5Qml.
    I have already done the following:

    • removed kde config as suggested (rm -rf .kde/*)
    • reinstalled plasma and kdebase
    • restored my full backup
      All these haven’t fixed my desktop. On top of that I’m getting now some strange msgs from Pamac regarding duplicated DB entries and from KSystemLog: Plasmashell [1364] segfault at 7f31842fd848 ip 00007f31b038d902 sp 00007ffdf893e460 error 7 in libKF5CoreAddons.so.5.56.0[7f31b036f000+5f000].

    What can you advise me with and how should I fix it?

    Thanks a lot.

  • @szymon said in One applet blows-up my desktop:


    the libKF5CoreAddons.so.5.56.0 comes from kcoreaddons in repo , look if that need to be updated?

  • @szymon
    About the duplicated DB entries: you could delete the cache and update the system with

    sudo pacman -Scc
    sudo pacman -Syyuu

    Could you please also show the output of (foreign packages):

    pacman -Qm
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