• Pacman Update - How To Include AUR?

    Hello Everyone,

    I run the following to update my system:
    ’sudo pacman -Syu’

    I want to include AUR updates in this command as well. What flag(s) do I need to add to my pacman command to include those as well?

    Thanks in advance, your time and help is appreciated!

  • @a4orce84
    the simple way to update AUR is open pamac in preferences turn on AUR and turn on updates for AUR, but NOT for search results. when you have search results on for AUR Pamac runs slower since it has to search the user database, but it’s up to you

  • always use pacman to update your system, if that is updated.
    use with yay as example : yay -Qua look for updates then yay -Sua , then update rolling over the aur packages.

    is practical first your system up 2date depend always of your aur packages, if some packages needs to build against another packages, is handy to update your system first from repo, then aur.

  • @a4orce84
    to complete:
    AUR updates are not packages updates itself, as AUR provide only files to create a package.
    pacman is a package manager and handle only packages, so it can uninstall a package you were creating from AUR and install it, but it can not create a package on its own.


  • @a4orce84
    If you have yay installed (this is an AUR helper) then you can simply run the command

    yay -Syu

    this command will search for Arch core and community updates and when it has done that, it will search for Installed AUR package updates.

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