• Vivaldi disappeared from Antergos official repository: why?

    I’ve downloaded the latest Antergos media available (19.03) and during the installation I got an error since Vivaldi could not be located.
    So I re-did the installation procedure without selecting Vivaldi.
    As the installation completed now without errors, I launched the package manager and Vivaldi could not be located .

    Any reason why Vivaldi disappeared from Antergos repository ?

  • @spupazza
    It was outdated, it is available in AUR, and I think @joekamprad has (or had) made an updated package available. He probably will explain better what is the current status.

    And seems that vivaldi should be removed from the installer list? @joekamprad what’s your view?

  • It is removed from Antergos Repository, it takes to much attention to keeping it up to date.
    I will create packages for it at my unofficial repository when i find time to create initial PKGBUILDS.

  • @joekamprad
    Sorry, didn’t notice that. But that was two weeks ago…

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