• Gnome Videos (totem) bottom controls not working

    Gnome-shell 3.32.0
    Videos (totem) 3.32.0
    MESA 19.0.1
    Wayland 1.17.0

    Bottom controls (pause, seek bar, etc) unresponsive to mouse clicks. Starting totem with WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 totem |& grep pointer shows that mouse movement and clicks are registered.

    Video itself plays fine.

    Anyone else seeing this or just me? Is it a known upstream issue? (My cursory googlefu showed up a blank)

    UPDATE: Seems to be a problem with Wayland only. Xorg works fine.

  • I also have this problem under Xorg and it was already there in version 3.30, never bothered to look for the culprite, to be honest. I play my videos straight from Nautilus with MPV.

  • i do not have this under xorg, nvidia prop drivers here

  • Here also on Nvidia, but it happens after a short amount of time.

  • I’m using AMD Radeon default open-source driver (part of mesa package I guess).

  • Apparently it was caused by this: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/merge_requests/252, which was already merged into mesa 19.0.1. So I don’t know what was the problem, why it didn’t work before, even though I was already on 19.0.1, but it works now.

    UPDATE: Nope I was wrong. Restarted and not working again. Weird.

  • I get exactly the same problem. Poor fps, hiccups with all graphics settings set low.

  • totem is also something i never use here as my default player… i do use mplayer or gnome-mplayer…

    Or MPV the most popular one at the moment:

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