• Installer problem workarounds


    as some packages in the installer move to AUR, I wrote a small script named fix-packages-xml to work around the problem.
    It can be used like:

    fix-packages-xml <pkgnames>


    fix-packages-xml gamin xorg-mkfontdir

    Now I put the script to github with instructions: https://github.com/manuel-192/Antergos/tree/master/antergos-installer-fixes

    Should be easier to use than ever, just download and run! 😅

  • Current (ISO 19.3) Antergos installer (with MATE) has certain package problems and needs to be started this way at a terminal (see the first post of this thread):

    fix-packages-xml  wpa_actiond gamin xorg-mkfontdir mate-mint-menu

    And MATE users, for now, have a problem with the menu app. I tested menu apps from AUR (mate-menu and mintmenu), but both of them have errors.

    And vivaldi is no more available at Antergos. May use AUR version.

  • @manuel said in Installer problem workarounds:

    ISO 19.3

    ISO 19.4 ?

  • @joekamprad
    Thanks, will try 19.4 ASAP.

    EDIT1: Xfce installs OK without workarounds.
    EDIT2: seems that MATE needs the same workarounds what 19.3 did.

  • This tip is a bit late, but MATE users can use package brisk-menu as a replacement to mate-mint-menu.
    And I suppose seasoned MATE users already know this. But hopefully this helps new MATE users.

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