• Update on antergos-common-meta 1.5-1 have weird result

    If I accept the update on the antergos-common-meta 1.5-1 (from 1.4-1) on my deepin the fonts go crazy and one of the defaults is gone. Also icons on dark theme are all different ? Anyone with some issue ? Keeping that one out of updates keeps everything the same it was.

  • I haven’t had any problem, but I think the defoult font has been changed to Notomo Mono. The one thing I’m certain about is that the ability to change the icon set has disapeared.

  • That seems accurate. Since I don’t have that font on my system (says missing on settings and no clue why is not there) it chooses some random one. On the icon set also see it missing and I just hate this new ones the update set’s so will just continue to ignore this update.

  • I’ve made a second attempt:
    -Font is still weird and after I select another one nothing seems to happen on deeping application (File Manager, etc) and only on gtk applications;
    -Changing the icon pack is now present but has no effect at all on the toolbar and only only (again) on gnome applications like evolution;

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