• Automatic package update from AUR

    During the installation of Antergos, you can select the AUR repo. The question is, how can the packages be automatically updated from the AUR repo instead of the Antergos repo?

  • personally i like to use yay, to look , yay -Qua and to update yay -Sua , eventually trizen :)

    i gues pamac can it to but you need to enable te options.

  • @ringo32 You’ve suggested yay once in the past, thank you. The mentioned option is enabled in pamac. This means that if a particular application has been removed from the Antergos repo but found in AUR such as Vivaldi Snapshot, will it automatically update?

  • @zoli62
    Yes it should, provided your pamac settings are correct, and the package name is exactly the same.

  • @zoli62 AUR is not reposytory it is a collection of build instructions to build a package locally at your system.
    So also pamac will not update packages from AUR it will download the latest build instructions and build the package for you.

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