• in XFCE, install ring-daemon-git, ring-gnome-git or ring-kde-git

    I’m not sure where to post this question. I am running Antergos with XFCE. I want to install Ring (which has been renamed as Jami) as an alternative to Skype. In Pacman under the AUR repository there are 3 options: ring-daemon-git, ring-gnome-git and ring-kde-git. Since I’m using XFCE, which one(s) should I install?

  • @arpeasal ring-gnome-git is what i would take as it will use gtk what is the visual base for xfce also…

  • @joekamprad Thanks, joekamprad. I thought XFCE had some connection to one or the other (gnome or kde), but I couldn’t remember which.

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