• Updates removed deepin desktop

    I just installed atergos-deepin a few days ago, and the recent round of updates damaged my desktop. I finally figured out that I had to reinstall all of the packages listed below which had been removed. Does this happen often? How do I prevent it?


  • @darkoverlordofdata install antergos-deepin-meta

  • @joekamprad
    Ah, that’s the package! Thanks.

    I’m a little concerned that this can even happen, and I was able to repro it this morning. Turns out it isn’t the update, but the package I installed just prior in the same session. My menu plank auto-hides, so I didn’t notice the damage until exiting the package manager.

    The offending library is libgee. Odd, I’ve been using that lib for several years on Ubuntu. So, the package manager warns be that there is a cyclic dependency
    issue on that package. I’ve never seen that before - than again I never had to pay attention to the package manager in Ubuntu - my bad.

    I guess there is an issue with using vala and deepin desktop together. Sigh, and I did so like deepin…

  • @darkoverlordofdata
    curiuser & curiuser. When I removed libgee, it again removed the deeesktop. But when I checked, libgee was still there. So I again reinstalled the desktop, and all works well.

    The original reason I installed libgee was that meson build couldn’t find it. I’ve found it to be an overlooked library on fresh linux installs, so I installed it, causing the original issue. But after removing it, meson could still find it.

    Here is what I believe happened - some meta data about libgee was missing, causing the package manager to be out of sync, and toggled the install/removal of other dependencies. Once I manually installed and removed and reinstalled everything, it appears to be straightened out. Deepin turns out to be vala based, so the libgee was there, the system just wasn’t aware of it due to the missing metadata.

    At least that’s what I’m thinking…

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