• Broken GTK theme after update

    Hi everyone!
    Some time ago I decided to install the Canta theme on my machine, and everything worked well until I booted up my pc after an update, logged in on gnome to see that the font in the top bar, desktop and application menu was absolutely broken (kind of vaporwave, with characters very far from each other and some missing characters here and there, like in the notification tray).
    I tried reinstalling it several times, thinking it was a corruption of the theme itself, from manual install to pacman install, but nothing has changed. The only thing that worked for me was creating another theme with only a gnome-shell.css file in which I import the settings from the Canta theme gnome-shell.css file and choose a different font-family. The thing is that if I try to change the font-family in the original theme file, it appears still broken, but if I do this workaround it kinda fixes it.
    Someone knows what causes this? Is it a fault I can fix in the dconf editor? I really hate to have to create a different theme for every version of Canta (like square, light and compact), and I am afraid this could happen to other themes too.

  • gtk issues can be an horror… if Adwaita , gnome own theme is ok, and canta not, probably the theme need some update, 80% of theme world is forked & hacked of something else…if gnome updates is always a question what kinda gtk update is

  • @BrachyKnight said in Broken GTK theme after update:


    tried: canta-gtk-theme-git already?

  • @joekamprad Yes, I am currently using it and the problem still persists. I even tried installing the Materia theme, and it seems that even with it the top bar font is broken. I installed all of the needed dependencies, but both Canta and Materia shell font doesn’t work properly

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