• Vivaldi - antergos vs. AUR version

    @manuel said in Vivaldi - antergos vs. AUR version:

    Great! But do you think it is up for the challenge of the massive Antergos traffic? 😅

    i do not know that, but space is big enough traffic is not limited…

  • @joekamprad
    Well, when can we start, and how would you like to proceed?
    Actually, we need to skip this thread and handle this communication elsewhere.

  • I followed your sugestion and replaced the Antergos version with the AUR version. It was a fast transfer and as long as you (as a noob) know that you’ll need the packages below for full funtionality, it’s as easy as it gets to install.

    alt text

  • That did’nt work well. Here is a direct link to the picture instead.


  • Thanks for all the effort, guys! 😉

  • vivaldi is removed from Antergos Repository…

  • I rarely use Vivaldi, it’s just too slow for my needs. I don’t see why pack it, except for users that really use it.

    So, concerning repositories and what Antergos devs should pack (in mind all different posts about repositories these days):

    • A list of packages should be created and voted - similar to AUR ( get an X percentage of users wanting it);
    • That would trigger answers to user needs, denyig or accepting building packages
    • Then adding them to Antergos repos or at leats pacifying users

    It’s just an idea though.

    Portergos has it’s own repository, but i admit the distro is sort of abandoned, last version i uploaded is from August 2018, and i have some files in the city i’m currently in, and some elsewhere, so i’m delaying any new Portergos release untill i gather all my stuff into an external hd. (I’m just saying that my opinion about up to date repositories can’t be of much value to you all hahaha)

  • @fernandomaroto yea vivaldi is a hungry browser, it needs powerfull gpu and lot Ram… I was using it as my one and only browser…

    But as it needs tinkering with patches for every new release it needs to much afford to provide it on Antergos repo.

    I plan to provide it on my repository for everybody using it on Antergos.

    For Antergos repo it is the best to keep it as simple and tiny as it can.

  • @joekamprad said in Vivaldi - antergos vs. AUR version:

    For Antergos repo it is the best to keep it as simple and tiny as it can.

    I totally agree with this. As we have seen, keeping packages up to date takes lots of time and effort, and is too easy to neglect.

    So only packages that are

    • really needed
    • extremely useful to many

    should be included. Other packages should be removed, as they are just extra and unnecessary burden.

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