• Vivaldi - minor updates

    Could you apply the minor updates as well to the Vivaldi browser?
    I realised that you only update the package in the case of new point updates (e.g. 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.).

  • @hordosikrisztian
    I think it’s best to install Vivaldi from the AUR, as @joekamprad stated that the last release would be his last one for the Antergos repo.
    Just install Vivaldi-stable, vivaldi-widevine and vivaldi-codecs-ffmpeg-extra-bin
    For the last one I recommend the bin version, because it installs much faster than the non-bin version.

  • @Bryanpwo
    Thank you for the clarification and tip, now I’m using the above packages from the AUR. ☺
    Strangely enough Pamac is still showing the package is from the antergos repo, but the version number is latest. I hope that is not an issue. 😕

    Note: The “vivaldi-stable” package has been renamed to simply “vivaldi”.

  • No, that won’t be a problem and thanks for the note.

  • Okay, thanks! ☺

  • there is in arch repo that contains vivaldi aswel as google-chrome :p


    keyring you already has, its a arch packager.

  • @hordosikrisztian it is a problem of time, as every update needs research and testing builds, changing patches e.t.c.

    I was taking the time to update PKGBUILD for antergos-vivaldi-package, and it does not reach the mirrors caused by an issue on the building server… so that it does not reach users in time… some times it does not get build till next release… Antergos ecosystem needs more power from us the users…

  • @joekamprad
    I don’t blame you, I can see that it is not an easy undertaking.
    I’ve started learning the command line extensively, and after that I hope that I can get into Bash scripting as well, so as soon as I have the prerequisites, I will be able to chip in. 😉

  • @hordosikrisztian I did not feel attacked from you ✌
    I came up helping on vivaldi as i use it as my default browser, and the Antergos package is very smart too, as it includes all needed stuff in one package, as i see updates do not reach in on Antergos i go over to GitHub and try to update myself (locally) so i start helping to update vivaldi for Antergos…

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