• Breeze Dark - Application Laucher, pop-ups grey, fonts white

    After the latest Qt5 update menus and pop-ups (e.g. Application Launcher, KRunner) appear with a light grey background and white fonts, I think these are not adjusted to the Breeze Dark Plasma Theme, rather they keep the default Breeze (default bright theme) settings. Only the tray is displayed correctly.

    I would also add that after a few minutes of updating to the latest packages my computer was completely frozen after trying to alt-tab to the next window. I had to switch off my computer, boot it up - that was the first time I came across this issue.

    I would like to keep the Look and Feel settings on Breeze, but have the Plasma Theme on Breeze Dark.

    Does anyone have the same issue? 😟

  • @hordosikrisztian
    I can confirm the incorrect light gray tooltip colors, I was just about to report this myself.
    The funny thing here is that the tooltips appear in the correct black color when I am in “panel edit mode”
    alt text

    alt text


  • @Jeannie____
    Thanks for the confirmation, at least I’m not alone with this problem. 😌
    So I think we should expect a patch soon. 😊

  • I already experimented with downgrading the breeze theme as well as the plasma-desktop package, but this did not change anything, so I presume the light colors are related to something else.

  • on irc downgraded QT5

    <PikaDrew> Downgrade to Qt 5.12.1 fixed it.

    but ehm yeah probably qt5 end …

  • @Jeannie____
    Thanks for the effort! ☺

    Yep, that was my suspicion as well. 😌

  • So, which qt5 packages need to be downgraded? All of them?

  • @Jeannie____
    I’d say yes, just to be on the safe side.

    Your milage may vary, but I have the following Qt5 packages installed:

    [[email protected] ~]$ pacman -Qs qt5-
    local/phonon-qt5-gstreamer 4.9.0-5
        Phonon GStreamer backend for Qt5
    local/pyqt5-common 5.12-2
        Common PyQt files shared between python-pyqt5 and python2-pyqt5
    local/qt5-base 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        A cross-platform application and UI framework
    local/qt5-declarative 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Classes for QML and JavaScript languages
    local/qt5-graphicaleffects 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Graphical effects for use with Qt Quick 2
    local/qt5-location 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Provides access to position, satellite and area monitoring classes
    local/qt5-multimedia 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Classes for audio, video, radio and camera functionality
    local/qt5-quickcontrols 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Reusable Qt Quick based UI controls to create classic desktop-style user interfaces
    local/qt5-quickcontrols2 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Next generation user interface controls based on Qt Quick
    local/qt5-script 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Classes for making Qt applications scriptable. Provided for Qt 4.x compatibility
    local/qt5-sensors 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Provides access to sensor hardware and motion gesture recognition
    local/qt5-speech 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Qt module to make text to speech and speech recognition easy
        Additional style plugins for Qt5
    local/qt5-svg 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Classes for displaying the contents of SVG files
    local/qt5-tools 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        A cross-platform application and UI framework (Development Tools, QtHelp)
    local/qt5-webchannel 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Provides access to QObject or QML objects from HTML clients for seamless integration of Qt applications with HTML/JavaScript
    local/qt5-webengine 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Provides support for web applications using the Chromium browser project
    local/qt5-webkit 5.212.0alpha2-24
        Classes for a WebKit2 based implementation and a new QML API
    local/qt5-x11extras 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Provides platform-specific APIs for X11
    local/qt5-xmlpatterns 5.12.2-1 (qt qt5)
        Support for XPath, XQuery, XSLT and XML schema validation

    These are all on 5.12.2-1, so I’d downgrade them all, but I’m not an expert on that, so I’d rather wait for a more seasoned opinion. ☺

  • Seems I need some patience. I just only downgraded qt5-svg and ended up with an empty, unresponsive desktop that showed only a cursor.

  • @Jeannie____
    Whoops… I hope you can turn it back!

  • isnt there not any other theme that can use temporarely ?

  • Vanilla Breeze is not affected, so I’m using that until the patch comes.

  • like try some kvantum Dark themes… , like the arc-dark or something ?
    you can atleast combine at the end in a matching system?

  • @ringo32
    It’s not a biggie, I can tolerate this temporarily, so I’ll be patient. ☺

  • @hordosikrisztian
    Of course, with some cli magic I got my desktop back.

  • latest Plasma-framework could fix it now ? Partial ?

  • @ringo32
    I’ve just updated that package; it is better, but the tool tips are still rendered light grey, and there is a slight flicker while moving to another icon/entry.

    Edit: the same applies to the Alt+tab cycler as well. ☹

  • ok, then some days weeks is al back to normal i gues. breeze-gtk example has no gtk3 output anymore in lxqt here.

  • Yep. I’m sorry to hear that. ☹

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