• gnome-terminal and nautlius issues

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    yes running on Wayland everything starts focused as it should, however in my case wayland comes with a lot of issues.

  • @Bryanpwo said in gnome-terminal and nautlius issues:

    That’s interesting to learn, on the other hand; Gnome is pushing Wayland as if it is the best invention since sliced bread, so your outcome isn’t that surprising when you think about it.

    well give Wayland a good try over the weekend, and for me its just not ready.Or rather some of the software that I use on a regular bases just doesn’t with with wayland yet so its back to XOrg

  • I wonder if Fedora users really do have a smooth experience with Wayland, if I read the comments a lot of people write about it (including myself) it is far from ready.

  • Latest mutter update has fixed all these focus issues for me.

  • @anivegmin i can confirm this here too, latest update of mutter 3.32.0+38+g9d49e8abd-1 solved it!

  • Yes, it got finally fixed, I can vouch for that too.

  • I’m still having issues with focus under Gnome 3.32 + Wayland. I open a terminal and I actually have to click on the terminal window before I can type in it.

  • Try it under Xorg, this must be a Wayland bug.

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