• Gnome 3.32 extensions not working

    I have received the Gnome 3.32 update which seems to be working fine.

    The problem is that 5 of my 12 installed extensions are no longer working. These are not obscure extensions.

    I realise that extensions are independent of Gnome and that the developers of these extensions will now be playing catch up, but I would guess that most people use them and it seems that Gnome has been updated without regard to keeping these extensions working.

    I now have a period of annoyance/disruption to the way I use Gnome where I have to either wait for extensions to be updated or change the way I interact with the software.

  • what is your question here?

  • @joekamprad Hi, not really a question, just a general observation for others to comment upon if they wish.

  • @anivegmin
    I know it’s annoying and there’s no other option then wait for a fix.
    Most people blame Gnome devs for changing
    the system continously, but on the other hand you can also blame the devs of third party apps (like the extensions) for not anticipating on this problem. Gnome 3.32 has been rolling for devs for months now, so there was enough time to fix it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but prior to the Gnome 3.32 release some extensions got updated and those are the extensions that work.
    I’m not trashing down extensions devs over here, but this problem is a two way street.

  • This Gnome upgrade has been extremely fast. I know that in previous Gnome updates there was a longer delay, maybe giving developers more time to upgrade extensions. For me the disruption caused to my setup outweighs the benefits of getting the new Gnome so quickly.

  • @Bryanpwo Yes you are right. I can live with the overlap it’s just a bit annoying for something that is integral to the general experience for most people.

  • Gnome was very clear when the deadline for this release was set up to and they were bang on time.

  • @Bryanpwo I’m not criticising the Gnome developers in particular. Like you say it’s a two way street.

  • Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-03-16 11-50-48.png
    package from Antergos is not working here, so 3 sided issue ;)

    AUR version is working… here // BUG report will follow

  • It’s also down to my own decisions to use a cutting edge rolling release I suppose. A fixed release like Ubuntu is probably going to have less issues in this respect with another month to go.

  • 5 of 12 is lucky none of mine work. Dash to Dock was the biggest annoyance as the dash is just missing even if I remove the extension. I am currently running plank

  • @joekamprad said

    AUR version is working… here // BUG report will follow

    thanks for that info.

  • Thanks for AUR Dash to Dock. Managed to get most of others working too.

    Had to replace one extension with a different alternative (now using Sound Input and Output Device Chooser from AUR).

    A couple of extensions (Applications Menu and Places Status Indicator) started working after I removed the upgrades that are available on extensions.gnome.org and reverted to the files in gnome-shell-extensions 3.32.0-1.

    The only thing I haven’t got to work is a system monitor like Freon or Vitals. I’m sure something will turn up in the near future.

  • @anivegmin
    In the AUR the freon git version works partially over here, it shows the temperatures in the taskbar, but it won’t show the drop down menu.

  • @Bryanpwo Yes I had the same experience.

  • @joekamprad -

    Any side effects to using the AUR version of dash to dock? Once a fix is released, should users switch back to the ‘main’ NON-AUR version? Basically, I don’t know which version of some extensions to use that is preferred.

    Thanks for the clarification:

    Also, why is my clock blue color:

  • Question:
    Also, why is my clock blue color:

    that’s because the theme is not 3.32 compatible. there are a few similar that are.

  • @a4orce84
    When a fix is released for a gnome shell extension, this (most of the time) will quickly be uploaded to the AUR (depending how fast the maintainer updates the package)
    In functionality there is no difference between the AUR version and the one you get from Gnome, the only difference is that the AUR versions don’t depend on the Gnome shell extension you’ll need in your browser to install an extension, it is made Arch native by the maintainer(s).

  • Vitals now working if installed directly from github.

  • KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support seems to be a good replacement for Topicons Plus (which has CPU usage issues), although the dropbox menu doesn’t seem to be fully functional.

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