• how do I get rid of the applications menu?

    From GNOME 3.32 release notes:
    The core applications of GNOME no longer have an “application menu”. The content has been moved to a main menu within the application window, if that makes sense.

    This was before switchable, you was able to choose having it in Topbar or inside the Appwindow.

  • I apologize for the misunderstanding from my side here, Gnome devs surely didn’t deliver on that promise. Like I said before, even the official Gnome 3.32 images show it. Maybe they’re going to correct it soon like they corrected the Nautilus problem.

  • @Bryanpwo bummer that the application menu wasn’t removed like they said it would. But at least it’s not a “bug” or some extension incompatibility causing the problem. Just have to wait to see when they actually remove it. The bigger issue IMHO is that some programs don’t keep their focus when you launch them like Nautilus and gnome-terminal, but that’s already being discussed in another thread

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