• Antergos MATE installation broken

    Screenshot from 2019-03-14 22-07-45.png

  • this is a connection or mirror problem, as the package mate-mint-menu is valid and available over Antergos repository.

    check your internet connection and/or try different mirrors / select them manual.

  • … but … i do try it here in VM and it gives the same error…

    culprit seems to be: python2-keybinder2 a called dependency not available over Antergos or Arch Mirrors.
    (python2-keybinder2 0.3.1-2 has been removed from the [community] repository.)

    BUG report on Github https://github.com/Antergos/antergos-packages/issues/437

  • yes during the install i just switched to KDE and it installed like a charm … still eager about my Budgie/GNOME post, as i really haven’t settled in any DE yet …

  • close cnchi after starting Antergos LIVE ISO then get the package list without mate-mint-menu:


    wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/killajoe/0e058f012266c9edda6c4b88825f920e/raw/0c60a56925ebc5cdf441840b8a8b7ea015fe3397/packages-fixed.xml && sudo cnchi -p ~/packages-fixed.xml

    should install MATE
    (edit: fixed wrong url)

  • can i do that with a DVD installation? I’m not using a USB stick for installations as i had a situation where Rufus bricked my USB

  • @kronikpillow
    Probably yes, since AFAIK it is using RAM disks. Hope I’m not wrong… ;)

    Check with the df command which partition has tmpfs and copy the file there.

  • @kronikpillow
    You don’t have to reinstall to get another DE, you know that, right? If I read your other posts you went back to KDE, so just install the Antergos meta packages for the concerning DE.

  • @Bryanpwo Mate meta package is broken at the moment … @kronikpillow but you may can build missing dep from AUR and install antergos-meta-mate then:

    yay -S python2-keybinder2
    sudo pacman -S antergos-mate-meta
  • @joekamprad
    I was merely responding to @kronikpillow question about Budgie and Gnome in this thread.

  • @joekamprad


    Tried it but didn’t install… Same problem.

    BTW, seems the the -p option in cnchi does not work.

    cnchi -p $PWD/packages-fixed.xml

    Must have the full path.

    OK, now trying to install MATE so that I removed the mate-mint-menu from packages.xml. Let’s see.

  • @manuel i do paste the wrong url… for packages.xml ;) corrected… and using ~/ as path seems to work

  • I got MATE installed by that trick: removed mate-mint-menu from packages.xml.

  • i can confirm this here too

  • if you want mate-mint-menu install it from AUR:
    yay -S mintmenu (or over pamac)

  • Ok I’ll try it out :) @Bryanpwo yes i know but that leaves me packages from the previous DE and gets me mixed software doesn’t it?

  • @kronikpillow
    You can uninstall the entire group afterwards by sudo pacman -Rs kde for example and if you’ve installed it by antergos meta just use sudo pacman -Rs antergos-kde-meta and all packages and dependencies are removed.

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