I’ve been a KDE user for more than decade. I have used all major KDE distributions in the past. KDE neon for the most part. I tried Antergos KDE in December of last year, and was quite impressed with the way it works. Fast boot up even with an encrypted hard drive, Compatibility with most GUPs, rolling release, great package manager that anyone can use, just to name a few, latest packages, and now Antergos KDE has become my main favorite OS!

Here are my suggestions:
When you install Angergos KDE, the default GNOME/GTK Application Style should be “Breeze”
GTK2 Theme: Breeze
GTK3 Theme: Breeze
Font: Noto Sans 10
Show icons in GTK buttons > checked
Show icons in GTK menus > checked
Cursor theme: Breeze
Icon theme: Breeze
The reason is when I installed Antergos KDE originally for the first time, I noticed that Thunderbird mail fonts are huge, and it just doesn’t look right, and I couldn’t figure out why it was displaying so big. So I posted this issue on the forum, and “joekamprad” came to my rescue, and those setting were indeed the problem. I changed it, and it was fixed after a reboot.

Package Manager - When the system default is set on Adwaita, you can hardly see what’s already installed, and not much differentiation between installed and not installed. You don’t have that issue with a Breeze Theme. The installed programs has nice green check mark that you can see them clearly.

Even though I feel these suggestions are very minor, but it will make a better impression and experience for a new KDE user. I feel Antergos KDE is top notch, and has a lot of room to grow in the KDE world!

Another issue I had was installing my network printer. I didn’t have full root access, and was getting an error. Never had that problem with KDE neon. So I searched and still couldn’t figure out why I was getting the error. So I started experimenting different stuff. I installed LXQT-admin and checked the box for accessing root, and that worked like a charm. I checked all the boxes including vboxuser for virtual box, and the printer works great now. So the main user should have full root access by default.

Last but not lease, add “libimobiledevice6” for accessing iphone 6 instead of “libimobiledevice”.
libimobiledevice is installed by default but is not able to open photos on an iphone 6.

And…these were my suggestions.