• Non-"dual image" install disk?

    Am looking for something a bit more straight-forward than the current dual image solution;

    Simple (or as simple as can be anyway) install solution, no “live try out”, straight to installing, with no dual image formatting, as each and every time i do this, i need fire up BOOT ICE (don’t know how to do this from Linux…yet!) and reconfigure my flash drive (yes, yes, i know, i am using Etcher… still losing disk capacity though).

    Is there such a way?
    I know how basic this sounds but… google all i want, what is suggested is either the current and default solution, or a self compiling; i’m not quite there yet :)

    Logic would suggest is possible, as for example, there are sites that provide such images:
    Except i’m not really willing to pay 15bucks for something offered for free; truth be told and all.

    Would appreciate any pointers!

  • @Aenra
    Not exactly sure what you mean, but this may help installing Antergos:

  • @Aenra said in Non-"dual image" install disk?:


    as you where talking about this:
    Antergos 19.3 - 16GB USB Flash Drive (64-bit)
    a ready made usb stick with antergos live on it… ?

    you want to say that you need to download the ISO then burn it and then boot it for install is to much?

    every time i do this, i need fire up BOOT ICE (don’t know how to do this from Linux…yet!) and reconfigure my flash drive

    why you need to do this?

    Bootice is a portable utility that allows you to modify, backup and restore the MBR (Master Boot Record) and the PBR (Partition Boot Record) of local or removable drives.

  • @joekamprad said in Non-"dual image" install disk?:

    why you need to do this?

    Starting backwards, because Etcher (apart from being too visually… trendy for my tastes, lol, though there are worse crimes than that) and each and every program i’ve tried do the exact same thing on my flash drives; if i make a DD, goodbye to some portion of my original capacity; never recovers after formatting, not without my re-partitioning it, hence BOOT ICE.
    Doable and within a minute, a minute and a half, nothing to cry about, but… if i can optimise or simplify something, i’m all up for it.

    As to what i want, yeah, pretty much. As stated in the OP, no “live try out”, no need for a “DD” image, just the Antergos installation part.
    ( am very willing to do this on my own, but have no clue how… am not necessarily looking for a link here )

    Writing all this, it kinda dawned on me to re-read the Home page… Jeesus, am i that dumb? Is that what the Antergos Minimal ISO is?
    I had not noticed that 'till now! This is embarassing, lol…

    Edit: Apologies for this by the way… in my defense, it wasn’t laziness, just… mind works in funny ways some times; had seen that the minimal image was for less powerful hardware and had thus immediately crossed it out; had i taken a moment to think what i was reading… anyway; feel free to delete the thread please!
    (did i win the stupid award? I know i did)

  • @Aenra
    No problems, we all make mistakes. 😅

    But if you feel the thread is solved, could you please mark it as such?
    The button(s) are at the bottom of this page.

  • @Aenra minimal is mostly what you calling installer only, as it have only a minimal desktop to start cnchi installer…

    If i understand you right you have problems to erase iso from usb stick after using it?
    It needs to be erased totally. Wgat you can do with dd and also on windows with diskpart command tool

  • Right, yes; “problem” “solved” then.

    Now if we may all pretend i never asked… thanks, lol

    P.S. At joe: Not any .isos, no, only dual images in particular; has happened before, but it might be the disk itself. It’s a Samsung T3: https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/product/portable/t3/

    It’s honestly all good really. Bit of an old fart, is all! I remember ‘minimal’ from the DOS days and it used to signify a non-“full” installation, you know? So my recollections, combined with that “less powerful hardware” note… Anyway, thank you both very much for your patience 👍

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