• Hello Antergos Community

    Finally, i have been able to get on the forum after many attempts. I just want to say thank you to all of the developers and all those who are involved with Antergos. I happened to come upon Antergos after a long hiatus from using Linux since the early nineties. I am somewhat of a distro hopper but only for the purpose of learning. Yes, i have tried Arch and just about every distro on the distrowatch list. In my opinion Antergos is the best distribution i have ever used. I happen to prefer the Cinnamon desktop but i have used others and also have multiple computers with other versions of Linux and different desktops. What i like about Antergos is the ability to select different desktops during the set up and i like the installer. I believe in the rolling release model. When there have been issues i look to the forum for answers or information. I can honestly say i haven’t had too many problems with Antergos. I don’t think Antergos gets enough credit for how good it is. It should be the desktop of choice because it works awesome. Every day i learn something new and i wish i knew more about the inner workings of Linux. Keep up the good work and thanks for making Antergos better everyday. Awesome!

    “Antergos is for everyone” - “Always Fresh” “Never Frozen!”

  • @ricklinux
    Hello and welcome to the Antergos world!

    I can fully agree with you about Antergos. Of course a rolling distro may have glitches, but usually they are rather quick to solve, as you have already noticed.
    And learning is the best thing, including involvement like a user to another user, all helping each other.

    Great choice!

  • Welcome ! :)

    Antergos is basicly stil arch. Always look what kinda updates are and do it always with pacman if possible :)

    some updates can wait for some days mean time you can always sneakpeak on forum/interweb :)

    updates likes video/xorg/systemd/kernel you always have to peak and thats general, is with every distro i gues. =)

    But welcome :)

  • @manuel Since i’m new here I’m not familiar with the forum. How does one mark a post resolved? Am i responsible for doing that on my posts? How does it work?


  • @ricklinux
    On this page, near the bottom right, there is a menu button TOPIC TOOLS that includes a selection to mark as solved.
    Also on the bottom left the is another button that can mark the answer that solves the issue: Mark this post as the correct answer.

    EDIT: forgot to answer your other question: yes, it would be very nice if you mark your thread as solved when you feel it is solved. That helps other people quickly see which issues are solved (and that can save much time when searching for solutions).

  • @ricklinux https://antergos.com/wiki/uncategorized/howto-forum-post-editor/

    • Antergos Wiki have some easy to handle howtos on common problems for Antergos ;)
  • @manuel Thanks for the information. I have marked it as solved.

  • @joekamprad Thank You … i appreciate your responses. I always look for solutions that make the most sense and are the easiest as i am not quite up to the level of some others here. Antergos is just an awesome Linux version. I personally think it’s the best and i have tried most.

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