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    What about a packages.xml directly from Antergos comunnity as an option inside cnchi (one that moderators are free to change).

    This would be like a workaround to avoid those packages that are renamed or are removed from repo from official packages.xml, causing the install to fail.

    We know these errors are pushing people away from using Antergos, multiples unsussessfull installs.

    Not sure if i made the idea clear enough…

  • @fernandomaroto
    An option to fetch and use packages.xml from a user defined place is a great idea.
    It could be used not only fix some package problems, but as a useful way to install additional packages as well.

    You might want to add that idea to the Antergos cnchi pages at github.

    But it requires a changing cnchi, and currently I’m not sure devs are so eager to do that…

  • @manuel said in Idea/Suggestion:

    You might want to add that idea to the Antergos cnchi pages at github.

    You’re right, i’ll do when i have more time.

    But it requires a changing cnchi, and currently I’m not sure devs are so eager to do that

    You’re right again :) chaging this may not be easy…

  • And now that we have the installation problem of package xorg-mkfontdir, the @developers should fix it as soon as possible.

    The fix could be, if nothing better comes to mind, create an empty package for xorg-mkfontdir that causes no files to be installed for that package.

    Users do use (older) ISOs at least several months, so a new ISO does not solve the issue for the older ISOs.

  • @joekamprad
    Thanks! I commented on the commit that @karasu would consider adding an empty package xorg-mkfontdir to allow install without problems with existing ISOs.

    EDIT: just noticed and @karasu has already made a fix. I’m currently testing it and report here soon.

    EDIT2: Well, so far it doesn’t work without the workaround. Don’t know if the problem is with the mirrors, or about the fix.

  • According to @lots-0-logs is possible to run cnchi using another package list with sudo cnchi -p /home/antergos/comunnity_package_list.xml for example

    I guess @joekamprad or @manuel could fork the original from antergos and share with other moderatores at github, then we can edit the file whenever install fail due to packages missing or renamed from repos.

    What do you think?

  • would be a workaround.

  • @fernandomaroto
    In principal it is a good idea, but in practice it is actually quite laborious for all.
    First we’d need to fork the file, change it, and put it available some server.
    Then a user would have to stop original install, copy that file from the server to the local machine, and restart install using that file. I don’t think many new users would want to do that.

    But I guess a less laborious idea for all is to create an “official dummy” i.e. empty package named xorg-mkfontdir and put that to the official repos (and eventually all mirrors). Since the package is empty, it causes nothing to be installed.
    Then users don’t have to use any workarounds when installing.

    I’ve already suggested that to the @developers (https://github.com/Antergos/antergos-packages/issues/436), but so far I haven’t got any feedback from them.

  • would be possible to have a button inside cnchi to change to a custom package_list.xml to make the procedure easier… as far as i understand @fernandomaroto idea was to have this method available for upcoming package changes and to make it work faster than in the past…

  • @joekamprad
    It is still laborious for the installer, who has to know about this package changing process.

  • @manuel said in Idea/Suggestion:


    sure ;)

    would be more easy to have what @fernandomaroto saying also, that some trusted users have access to change the list at github directly, if the two devs do not have time to do so…

  • @joekamprad
    I just tested this theory. :)

    The -p option in cnchi requires a local file, it doesn’t accept a remote file.

    I tried to give a remote file (at github) for the -p option, but cnchi couldn’t use it.
    Then cnchi downloaded packages.xml from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Antergos/Cnchi/master/data/packages.xml.

    But in order for cnchi to download that file, the user already has to restart cnchi with the -p option.

    So I can’t see this as an easy workaround, although it does the job after some hard work. 😅

  • @manuel as @lots-0-logs commented here:


    the command sudo cnchi -p /home/antergos/community_package_list.xml is overwriting the default behavior of cnchi starting without the -p option… as far as i understand…

  • Yeah is not an easy workaround.

    I was thinking something like
    wget some_url && sudo cnchi -p path_to_package_list.xml

    Not sure if there is an easier way…

  • @fernandomaroto
    Well, there is a slightly easier and more versatile way, something like this:

    wget https://github.com/path/to/some-fixer-script.bash
    bash some-fixer-script.bash

    and the “some-fixer-script.bash” could, for example, download a fixed packages.xml and run cnchi with it. For the user this is slightly easier.

    But can this method be used to work around any problem? Hard to say, depends on the problem at hand. But it can provide a workaround to this “xorg-mkfontdir” issue.

  • @manuel said in Idea/Suggestion:

    But can this method be used to work around any problem?

    Workaround only to packages missing or renamed in arch/antergo repos, which is the most common error…

    Let’s see if there are other ideas/solutions to this. Cnchi option to use packages.xml directly from a url would make it easier too…

  • @manuel xorg-mkfontdir should be solved already as the used xml list is fixed already, as @fernandomaroto say it is a common problem that package james change ore getting removed and merged with another package.

    To get other installer code related issues solved faster it needs mote developers with the knowledge and rights to change the code at github.

    Questions here are trust and knowledge at the ones getting into development, and of cause a way to handle/organize at development side.

    A team of 3 is easy to get sorted, but every more member caution the need for a clear regulation of the processes.

  • @joekamprad said in Idea/Suggestion:

    xorg-mkfontdir should be solved already

    Just tried to install, still the same xorg-mkfontdir problem exists and install needs a workaround.

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