• Unable to complete update!

    I removed ffmpeg2.8 with the terminal like you suggested, then i was able to do my updates and everything was OK.
    But i could not reinstall ffmpeg2.8 with yay, it does’nt work and did nothing, so i had to install it from the AUR again.
    Now all is working fine and all updtates are completed!
    THANK YOU! ☺

  • @philipc if you look on the website 4kvideodownloader if you change te version in pkgbuild and firstline of sha256sum change to SKIP you also then have the latest…, i have trizen and yay , with yay is more or like yay --editmenu xxx but multiple files is kinda dificult for it…

    and yeah of had to reinstall from aur because it needed a rebuild :p

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