• Unable to complete update!

    The update for ffmpeg and libvpx can’t be completed because of libvpx.so=6-64 dependency.
    When only selecting updtate for libvpx, the message says that it "“breaks the dependency for libvpx.so=6-64"”2019-03-05_18-05.png .
    And when only selecting update for ffmpeg, the message says ""impossible to satisfy dependency for ibvpx.so=6-64 needed for ffmpeg. ???

  • @philipc
    Is your ffmpeg version 2.8 from AUR? The latest official ffmpeg is 4.1.1.

  • @manuel
    I need ffmpeg2.8 for 4Kvideodownloader, so i can’t remove it.
    If only the maintainer of 4Kvideodownloader would remove the dependency for ffmpeg2.8 that would be great! 2019-03-06_08-21.png

  • remove ffmpeg 2.8 and 4kvideo. install ffmpeg is 4.1 then install 4kvideo
    i use xdman http://xdman.sourceforge.net/ for youtube and works for other sites as well. it can be integrated in chrome/firefox. it has a bit of an learning curve but hasn’t failed me yet

  • @philipc
    If you feel adventurous, you could change the PKGBUILD file of 4kvideodownloader and create the package yourself. It is not really that hard.

    The required files are in https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/?h=4kvideodownloader. Download files PKGBUILD, 4kvideodownloader.desktop and 4kvideodownloader.png to an empty directory.

    Then edit PKGBUILD:

    • on the line starting with depends=(, simply change ffmpeg2.8 to ffmpeg.
      Then save the file and run (at the same directory where the PKGBUILD is) command:
    makepkg -sic

    If there are no errors, then you can just uninstall ffmpeg2.8 and carry on.

    BTW, 4kvideodownloader is already flagged as out of date at AUR. Hopefully the maintainer updates it soon. But if not, you could try adding the new version number to the PKGBUILD … 😉

  • @manuel
    What if i change the line directly in pamac, will it work?
    I’m asking because i don’t want to break my system, i’m quite a newbie with Arch linux, i was with Ubuntu before and i never had to deal with stuff like this, loll!

  • @philipc
    Unfortunately it will not work.
    But the thing is quite easy, even for a newcomer.

    You simply download 3 files, edit one (that you pointed out in the picture), run that makepkg command and check the results.
    If that makepkg went without errors and installed the new program, then all is well and you can uninstall ffmpeg28 normally with pamac.

    But if there were any errors, nothing important has been changed in your system.

    Another way to solve the problem is to inform the package maintainer about the issue. It probably would be very easy for her/him to fix it, provided she/he has time to do so.
    You can go to page https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/4kvideodownloader, register yourself to AUR, and send feedback on that page.

    In general, AUR packages are NOT officially supported. Practically anyone can put to packages into AUR, and that also creates some potential issues, both security and maintenance wise. It is up to the maintainer how “well” a particular package is managed.

    I’m saying this just to clarify the situation with AUR packages. And I recommend – as a general rule – not to use AUR packages unless you really have to.

  • @philipc
    "i don’t want to break my system, i’m quite a newbie with Arch linux, i was with Ubuntu before and "
    install timeshift and learn how to use it. https://github.com/teejee2008/timeshift

    i have broken my arch quite a few times and made it non-bootable. i don’t use scheduled snapshots so i manually backup my root partition and root user configs and have restored with no issues. does the new antergos iso have timeshift? i have used linux mint 18.3 live usb to restore my arch, now i’m not so afraid of trying new things and new kernels. i can restore everything how it was the day before in about 5 minutes

  • @philipc
    Just realized that if you don’t want to mess with your production system, you can always create a virtual machine with virtualbox. It is a great way to test any changes in Antergos without breaking anything but the virtual machine.

  • @trytip
    I have installed Timeshift just recently, thanks for the tip! 🙂

  • @manuel
    Good idea indeed, thanks! 👍

  • ffmpeg 2.8 is a pgp key issue, just use yay to also imort the pgp , i did try to use --mflags “–skippgpcheck” but was nog not needed, yay imports pgp and ffmpeg2.8 should install nicely. otherwise you have to get the pkgbuild etc etc and use the skippgpcheck but yay handles pgp. ? here does work with 4kdownloader with ffmpeg2.8

  • i use my self clipgrab from repo :)

    and for personal reason i dont use pamac for me is a bit unknown but as yay i know it handles pgp check as security layer…

    as long you dont change xorg videodrivers or kernels system would not crash quickly if it on not systemic applications. if you mess with more systemd video or xorg you get quicker in issue, or change a depency of a DE depended layer

  • The update for ffmpeg requires the dependency "“libvpx.so=6-64"”, so it says it is unable to satisfy this dependency.
    I looked in the AUR website to find the package and it does’t even exist.
    How come an update need a dependency that does’t exist ???


  • @philipc said in Unable to complete update!:


    you must remove ffmpeg2.8 sudo pacman -Rdd ffmpeg2.8 , update your system, then recompile it with yay ,

    yay ffmpeg2.8

    that should work

  • ffmpeg2.8 must be recompiled against libvpx

  • got those libvpx and ffmpeg versions installed here. no issues so far here.

  • @ringo32
    Ok i will try this tomorow morning, thanks! 👍

  • just tested the 4kdownloader. trizen somehow dont pgp check very wel yay instead it works the pgp check Lol

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