• My Antergos journey

    patreon side is not updated for two years now…

  • I read all the posts in the topic and i am kind of worried for this magnificent distribution. I have Antergos in a old laptop and over the years i suggest people to install Antergos and recommend it as a best solution.

  • I know… I haven’t been around in months. However, I did happen to see this thread and just wanted to extend my sympathies to both of course you guys (especially @joekamprad - how many times have you helped us all?) but also to the Antergos devs, particularly @karasu. I could be wrong here of course, but just by looking at Antergos’ Github commit history it seems @karasu is by far the most active when it comes to Antergos development. While I do not doubt that @lots-0-logs is doing what he can, perhaps his life got busy. I did notice he has been working on some private projects quite often on Github as of late too. So I wonder if @karasu has just been overwhelmed as of late and has been overworking himself some. If that is the case, I could see where he would end up weighing the importance of things if time were to become too precious to do everything. He might have had to decide whether it is in the long run more important to Antergos to maintain a presence here, or continue its development. And I think we all know what we would all pick as the most important if we had to pick one! The continuation of Antergos. So while it is frustrating that they have been silent for so long as of late, I do have to wonder how @karasu and the rest of the Antergos developers are doing. I’ll be keeping you all in my prayers, and just know (if you happen to read this devs) that I am always willing to help in any way I can! I may be busy with Reborn, but I am always willing to help Antergos out where and when I can. After all, without you @karasu I would have never learned how to build an ISO in the first place! Without Antergos, I would have never joined the wonderful world of Arch Linux.

    So my prayers go out to you all, as well as my offer of help.

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