• My Antergos journey

    Antergos for me is a very user friendly way to get an almost pure Arch install. It brought me a lot of Linux knowledge in an environment that really suits me. The friendly vibe on the forum is a large part that kept me driven and invest time in the distro.
    Lately I’ve noticed that my enthusiasm for Antergos is fading, I must also admit that personally, I’m not completely mentally fit, but that isn’t the main reason for my declining enthusiasm.

    Recently the main problems new users over here encounter, has to do with the core development of this distro. In previous years the devs visited the forum frequently and shed some light on the problem and even gave us an insight of what was in the pipeline. That is something the devs don’t do anymore and I think it’s a pity for this wonderful project.
    This forum has some excellent moderators and regular members who invest their time on this forum almost religiously. It’s such a shame that the @developers don’t include them in their plans or even give them an insight that future releases will tackle a problem.

    As an avid visitor and moderator of this forum, I really can’t bring it up to “defend” this distro anymore. So I’ve decided to take a time out from Antergos.
    I still think Antergos is a great distro and it will remain my daily driver, you just won’t see me on the forum for a while.

    Despite my bit sour message, I encourage everybody to keep up the positive vibe on this wonderful forum and thank you for the great knowledge and great responses you all gave me.

    I’m sure you’ll see me later,


  • Good luck. hope to see you again.

    Hope in the future hopefully get better.

    Tot later :)

  • @Bryanpwo

    I just think the same, and in consequence, I do not contribute to Antergos development anymore.
    I will do basic support here at the forum but as long as there is no communication from @developers and no progress in the development of Antergos I can not invest my time anymore.

  • @Bryanpwo @joekamprad

    This is really sad news. You both have been extremely valuable assets here helping people with their problems, even for the relatively short time I’ve participated Antergos forum.

    Antergos is a small distro (in manpower and funding), but I must say that with these resources, Antergos as an operating system has done surprisingly well compared to any small distro out there.
    True that I’d also like to see @developers more here, but I can understand there is a limit to what anybody can do for free on their spare time.

    We can compare Antergos to e.g. Manjaro, and I have seen Manjaro users have difficulties as well. But their team’s manpower seems to be greater, thus their devs have somewhat more time to participate in their forums.

    And comparing Antergos to Arch we clearly see that Arch development has much more manpower, and it has established its position for quite many years already before Antergos was created.

    Well what can I say? I sure would like to see you both here in the future too. And not be disappointed in Antergos development.

    I really hope Antergos is not fading away. Maybe it is time to sit down and calmly think what is the best direction for Antergos.
    Since Antergos as an OS is more or less Arch (with some extras), I’d like Antergos to stay that way, because Arch has lots of development force to keep it alive and well.

    Antergos could simply fill up the most important “black holes” of Arch for the ordinary user, like:

    • GUI installer (or a reliable CLI installer?)
    • an additional repo with certain useful packages, limited to only those that help users the most (like various initial settings and an AUR helper)
    • maybe a graphical package manager (in my mind this is not a priority)
    • and (small) amount of packages that users would want (how to decide what?)

    Mostly Antergos has already done that. As I see it, Antergos now has some unnecessary or undesired packages in its own repository. Since they merely cause extra work for the devs, they should be removed from the official repo. Some of the removed packages could be put to AUR if there are people willing to maintain them.

  • @karasu @lots-0-logs
    I really hope you read this and realize how many valuable people you’re surrounded with.

  • If I am grateful for something in linux, that gratefulness is for Antergos, and above all for one of its developers → @karasu, which as always will never let me down because of a problem in my machines with Antergos. Which makes me have eternal respect towards him.

    Otherwise, installation problems, etc. It would be in my humble opinion, to leave aside the oedipal complex of Cinarch and to put the objective in a Framawork-Cli installer (or anybody who believes better …), and to begin a new stage in Antergos, which it amply deserves.

    I do not want Antergos to sink, but I do want a captain → @desarrollador → who manages the rudders and reach a good port, as it was not long ago.

    It only remains to wait for the thought of @developers, please show up and know how to communicate which route to follow.

    Oct 18 2014

  • @judd said in My Antergos journey:

    I do not want Antergos to sink, but I do want a captain

    yes true ;)

    And yes I am grateful to all the work developers have done so far, but till the big infrastructure issue with forum and website on antergos at all and the late big issues with the installer, developers seem to fade away from Antergos development and community and almost completely from communicating.

    Oct 13 2015

  • @Bryanpwo a very good decision to start this open viewable by everybody!

  • @developers
    Please state your position here about the future of Antergos.

    I really like Antergos, but if it is fading away, I obviously have no reason to hang around here anymore, unfortunately. Whatever the answer is, I thank you all for the very pleasant journey with Antergos so far. Hope the journey continues… 🚶♂

  • Not much to add to what you all said already; i agree with you all.

    Antergos installer is the biggest credit and source of problems for developers too.

    The online installer dependency when you have a big iso image (around 2GB) seems weird to say the least, out of purpose.

    I don’t know python and the installer code (from cnchi) is just too hard for me.

    If someone is interested in making Pacbang/Portergos offline installer compatible with Antergos that’s possible, i did it a long time ago. But you know, it’s a cli and not friendly installer (and karasu stated a long time ago the lack of interest about an offline installer).

    Tunning with lot of config files is also causing troubles, for example people that can’t make grub work after install, or lightdm popup error messages, which usually forces us to switch to another login manager.

    Maybe developers should go back to simplicity, keep arch repos, add antergos repos only to what’s necessary, fix installer issues.

    Sorry if anything i wrote here sounded harsh, english is not my native language.

    And finally, i love you all guys, really, without you i’d never have learned so much about linux, and perhaps i wouldn’t be using linux for that long. Thanks moderators, developers, friends, specially to @karasu that never refused to help me, and i know i can be super annoying sometimes hehehe.

    I hope Antergos lives a long life.

  • Yes i do like it here at the forum, and i do love all the crazy fellas making this a place like home ! ! ! (3)

  • hi

    I read your comments with sadness. From the outside (I am just a very happy user with limited abilities, not a developer nor a moderator), it seems that all the flak directed to the developers about the perennial problems of Cnchi, made them stop communicating. The pity is that this attitude is just worsening the problem.

    I remember having problems installing Antergos 30 months ago, succeeding at last with the “minimal” install, but when it’s done, it has just been plain sailing!

    I deeply regret having no solution to suggest, but I ask everyone to keep a collaborative attitude for the sake of this wonderful distro.

    Alll the best for everybody and thanks for your work and dedication.


  • I’ve been a KDE user for more than 10 years now. I have tried just about every distro out there, including Manjaro, and have been, and still using KDE neon for the past 4 years. I tired Antergos KDE in December of 2018, on one my desktops, and a second desktop. Now it has become my main OS. I’m not too technical, but know enough to get around. It took me a little to learn how this works, and very impressed that any non technical user can just about do anything without knowing the command line and etc. Convert back to the previous package should a problem arises, which it did for me on two occasions, but was able to fix it with the help of the community. I’m also going to contribute and encourage every one else to do the same. Antergos is a very nice, fast, reliable OS, and I hope it grows fast and hit the top 5 spot.

  • It is very hard to resist the Antergos community…
    And devs work on getting the issues solved at github…
    It would be nice to discuss state of Antergos and where it go in the near future…
    So come on @developers join the conversation !!!

  • @developers I too would like to hear from the developers about their vision for Antergos. I truly believe it is the best distribution out there. Some others have automated installer scripts but are more for the advanced users in the terminal. Their desktop choices are also not appealing to that crowd either. I have used and or tried most of the top distros out there and then some on the distro watch list. Antergos is by far the best Linux distribution i have used. I just want the developers to know i support what they have so far achieved and appreciate it immensely.

  • @joekamprad
    Seems that this forum software does not send notifications to the @developers.

  • That’s my guess also.

  • devs are active on development at GitHub:
    Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-03-18 08-46-40.png
    they will comment when they find leisure and time to do so… the work on helping users here at the forum is well done by users and mods and i am sure they do read what we are talking here at the forum.

  • So show yourselfs then and maybe have a more open link with the moderators at least.

  • Yes, it’s really sad. I loved Antergos and I love it even now. But I now lead a comfortable life in Debian Stable. Even installed Numix themes to make Debian look like Antergos ☺

    I checked patreon.com for Antergos. Here’s the link:https://www.patreon.com/antergos

    When I logged in here previously (about 3 months ago), the funds were about $200 per month and had around 59 patreons.

    Now, it’s dropped to $136 per month and has 48 patreons. Lack of funds.

    I wish I could donate a little bit from my side but I don’t have any money. I once donated $1 to Antergos. $1 in US is about 70-75 bucks in India, here. Sorry.

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