• antergos, best distro ever?

    Can be. I’ve been using linux more or less since version 0.99. Arch Linux today is the best distro by far, I’m using it both in production and development. However, you need to get your hands dirty and really understand the components. The Arch Linux forums and wiki are helpful on a “general direction” level. Unfortunatly there are very few detailed how-to’s, If you need them, you need to find them elsewhere. I’m new to antergos and i already like it :-) antergos is based on Arch Linux, this is key I belive. antergos is still unmature. But with supported and happy developers. And the help of the community, contributing with how-tos and a polite and generous forum this will be a success.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Whatever was in your life, I am - simple Linux user - happy to see you here. More then that, happy to see you satisfied. Tell someone else, help someone else, or just in some kind support it as it will be the best reward here.
    P. S. or just say “oh, man, you’re annoying, I just wanted to say “THK”, and you are here, get lost, I just liked the thing”

  • I’ve been using KDE neon for many years now. I tested Antergos KDE back in December of 2018 on two of my desktops, and I’ve been using it ever since. I ran into a few issues here and there, but with the help of the friendly community it was resolved quickly. I must say that it has the best KDE experience I’ve ever had so far, and it is going to be my main OS at home and work. My hard drives are encrypted by the default installation, and unlike KDE neon, it boots instantly. KDE neon or Kubuntu takes at least 35 seconds just to get into the login screen to enter the encryption key. Antergos is fast at start up, and shuts off immediately. Great job! I have used Manjaro KDE, Kubuntu, Mint, Fedora, and many more in the past, but nothing had come close to Antergos KDE. The only problem or critic I have is the "Forum login” issue that I’ve had ever since I started. It took me months and several different user names to finally be able to login to the forum. I hope the developers fix what ever the issue is soon. Besides that I want to thank all devs for such a nice powerful product.

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