• Potentially outdated packages specific to Antergos

    let’s list here the packages that may be outdated in Antergos.
    This can help @developers keep them up to date.

    I’d like to limit this thread to packages that Antergos has adopted from the upstream, for example xed from Arch, or yay from AUR.

    Potentially outdated packages

    Packages adopted from Arch:

    • atril 1.20.3-1 (latest available is 1.20.3-2)
    • broadcom-wl (
    • lightdm-webkit2-greeter 2.2.5-1 (2.2.5-2)
    • mate-icon-theme 1.20.2-1 (1.20.3-1)
    • xed 1.6.3-1 (2.0.2-1)

    Packages adopted from AUR:

    • yad 0.39.0-1 (0.41.0-1)
    • yay 8.1173.0-11 (9.1.0-1)
  • Packages adopted from AUR:

    • dropbox 62.4.103-1 (latest available is 67.4.83-1)
  • more: outdated packages specific to Antergos:

    • aur/etcher 1.5.5-2 (antergos/etcher 1.4.4-3)

    • community/gnome-mpv 0.16-1 (antergos/gnome-mpv 0.13-1)
      (can be removed from repo)

    • community/peek 1.3.1-3 (antergos/peek 1.3.1-2)
      (can be removed from repo)

  • Warnung: etcher: Lokale Version (1.5.5-2) ist neuer als antergos (1.4.4-3)
    Warnung: gnome-mpv: Lokale Version (0.16-1) ist neuer als antergos (0.13-1)
    Warnung: lightdm-webkit2-greeter: Lokale Version (2.2.5-2) ist neuer als antergos (2.2.5-1)
    Warnung: python2-mutagen: Lokale Version (1.42.0-3) ist neuer als antergos (1.38-2)
    Warnung: slimjet: Lokale Version ( ist neuer als antergos (
    Warnung: ttf-opensans: Lokale Version (1.101-1) ist neuer als antergos (1.10-1)
    Warnung: vivaldi: Lokale Version (2.3.1440.60-1) ist neuer als antergos (2.3.1440.41-1)
    Warnung: xcursor-breeze: Lokale Version (1:5.15.0-1) ist neuer als antergos (1:5.10.5-1)
    Warnung: yad: Lokale Version (0.42.0-1) ist neuer als antergos (0.39.0-1)
    Warnung: yay: Lokale Version (9.1.0-1) ist neuer als antergos (8.1173.0-11)
  • A simple (but partial) solution is to move the [antergos] section in /etc/pacman.conf to the end of that file. Then upstream packages have precedence. However that doesn’t help with the AUR packages.

    For me it works well on Xfce, I’ve had that for about a month now. But there may be glitches for others and non-Xfce desktops, so be careful if you change the order.

    If I move [antergos] section as the first in /etc/pacman.conf, then this is the (relevant) output of command pacman -Syyuu:

    warning: atril: downgrading from version 1.20.3-2 to version 1.20.3-1
    warning: lightdm-webkit2-greeter: downgrading from version 2.2.5-2 to version 2.2.5-1
    warning: mate-icon-theme: downgrading from version 1.20.3-1 to version 1.20.2-1
    warning: xed: downgrading from version 2.0.2-1 to version 1.6.3-1
    warning: yad: downgrading from version 0.42.0-0 to version 0.39.0-1
    warning: yay: downgrading from version 9.1.0-0 to version 8.1173.0-11

    The issue could be solved by creating a “fixer” repo that contains up-to-date versions of these packages… But it is extra work, and is easier to fix by updating the Antergos repo. Are there any technical or other reason why we couldn’t fix the Antergos github packages?

  • Hi all!

    I created a new repo for some AUR packages that may be currently outdated in Antergos repo.
    Initially this new repo contains the following packages:

    • yay
    • yad

    and some (hopefully quite small) amount of more packages can be added there.

    As soon as the official repo has updated these packages, I will remove them from this repo.

    The repo can be found here:
    and there are instructions how to use it.


  • @manuel i was thinking about putting them at my not used repo also, but i find it a bit strange to use such workaround … as packages should be updated at Antergos Repo or removed…

  • @joekamprad
    I totally agree.

    But in this situation I thought this may help users, since these packages have been outdated for a while now. Especially yay is quite an important package and should be up to date.

    How can we have Antergos repo to be really updated?

  • Packages adopted from AUR:

    • dropbox 62.4.103-1 (latest available is 68.4.102-1)
  • procedure on Antergos ecosystem is the following:

    • update PKGBUILD on GitHub, also possible to forge the Repo update PKGBUILDS and create a pull request to merge it to Antergos Repo

    • somehow there is a script, or such to compare GitHub Repo with versions available on the package Repo.

    • if there are new versions PKGBUILDS from GitHub will be copied to the build queue at the build server this automatically builds packages till they succeed to build

    • newly built packages will be synced to the main Mirror and then distributed to all mirrors

    As far as i can see there are some problems with the build server also (for longer time), as it often stops building and never start over again to fulfill the queue… so also if i do a pull request and one of the devs pull it to the repo and start pushing it to the build server it do not reach the mirrors in time…

    @manuel said in Potentially outdated packages specific to Antergos:

    How can we have Antergos repo to be really updated?

    We can’t do more than creating a pull request without more rights on Antergos ecosystem.

    But: https://github.com/Antergos/antergos-packages/commits/master

  • first of al remove the double packages :)

  • Hi,
    added packages xed and mate-icon-theme to repo https://github.com/manuel-192/Antergos/tree/master/Antergos-packages-aur.

    Although xed and mate-icon-theme are not an AUR package, they may be useful to their users here.

    So now the repo includes the following up-to date packages:

    xed              2.0.2-1
    yay              0.42.0-1
    yad              9.1.0-1
    mate-icon-theme  1.20.3-1

    To benefit from this repo, the repo definition in /etc/pacman.conf must be placed before the [antergos] repo definition.

  • but Xed is also in Community Repository. on this point you have tripple of those packages =:) Yad i dont know, personaly i replaced Zenity with zenity-gtk2 from aur because no webkit2gtk needed but i dont need it at the end so i leave it out :) Such pointles if you maintain packages thats already is there in the repo or it must be very bleeding edge thats newer…

  • @ringo32 if you put @manuel repo in top of pacman.conf it will install manuels version, and you do not get conflicts, it is only a workaround…

  • It is also possible to install a package directly from the github, for example:

    sudo pacman -U https://github.com/manuel-192/Antergos/raw/master/Antergos-packages-aur/xed-2.0.2-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

    AFAIK it checks the signature too, provided you have accepted the key according to the instructions at https://github.com/manuel-192/Antergos/blob/master/Antergos-packages/README.md.

  • @ringo32
    You have a point there, I could have created two separate repos, but was too lazy.
    But as @joekamprad mentioned, putting the repo as first in /etc/pacman.conf blocks all other packages with the same names.

  • what wil do if you put antergos last ?

  • @ringo32
    Then Antergos packages have the least “priority” when selecting which packages to install.

    Actually what I have in pacman.conf:

    1. Arch repos
    2. manuel’s repos
    3. Antergos repo

    in this order.
    So I have Arch official packages, then manuel’s packages, and then Antergos packages.
    If Antergos has outdated packages, they are blocked by this order.

  • yes, but only issue would become if antergos have some pacman hook package that have run first, then you have a issue on some point. But i dont know if antergos does have it ?

  • @ringo32
    True, but I too don’t know if Antergos has any.

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