• Updated kernel 4.20.10 fails to start LightDM

    Latest kernel update(4.20.10) from february 21 won’t start LightDM, so booting fails.

    I can only boot successfuly from my 4.19.24 LTS kernel installation.

  • Cinnamon. One time I had some DMs installed, so managed to enter graphic environment. The solution there was to downgrade all packages installed before (pamac log), then changing back to conditions I had before update, then graphical boot and manual file-by-file update of only files from the pack that caused system crash. Another time had no chance of booting X-server, so had to downgrade using CLI. X-server is faster way here, obviously… Just a hint to try, not an ultimate solution.

  • and see this post link text where lightdm-webkit2-greeter is seen as outdated, so probably “wait a bit” here is the best strategy (after downgrading packages)

  • @7314776
    Thanks for the reply! 👍

    Updated kernel 4.20.11 came in and now the boot is successful !

  • Cheers! Happy you’ve solved the problem! We face challenges every day - major or minor, but I simply hope your issue left something like “I can overcome this challenge” rather than “open-source is a continuous challenge…”

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