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    Tengo instalado Antergos Cinnamon.
    Quiero tener activado el numlock antes del inicio de sesión.
    Desde la bios del ordenador no puedo hacerlo.
    Instalé el numlockx desde los repositorios, pero no encuentro la manera de activarlo.
    Me podrían ayudar?

  • @racingclub1903 There are many different ways to control Numlock state on startup. Read about them in ArchWiki here.

    The easiest one to set it ON in Cinnamon is to add numlockx to startup applications:

    Menu --> System Settings --> Startup Applications --> Add… Custom Command

    and fill in the fields like follows:

    Set Numlock ON

    You’ll see the newly added command among Cinnamon startup apps:

    Startup apps

    It will be automatically executedd on each Cinnamon session startup.

  • @just Muchas gracias por tu respuesta.
    Lo que quiero es que numlock aparezca encendida antes de ingresar al sistema, justamente en la pantalla de logueo, donde debo ingresar mi clave.
    Cuál de los métodos de ArchWiki que me indicaste debo usar? Perdón pero soy novato usando Arch y Antergos.
    Probé un montón de diferentes opciones que estuve buscando en la red y ninguna me funciona. No sé que algo mal.

  • @racingclub1903 said in Numlock:


    AFAIK it just starts after the login screen, at least is how i use for i3-wm.

    To start ir before LM (or to try) you’ll need to play with login manager configs or create an xorg file (maybe create a systemd service could work too)

    If you’re using lightdm you can try this https://askubuntu.com/questions/73804/wrong-login-screen-resolution

  • system remembers the state of NumLock but be ready it resets this state after major (core) updates, so in case you have updated kernel, systemd or somewhat like that, you’ll just have to press the NumLock button again. Just once, the system will remember it again. (Cinnamon)

  • I don’t speak Spanish, so surely misunderstood the original question. I thought it was related to setting Numlock ON in Cinnamon session only, and not earlier, before an Xorg session startup.

    There are two good ways to set Numlock ON before display manager or Xorkg start. Both are clearly described in ArchWiki (see above). They are:

    • by creating a new systemd service
    • by extending an existing or creating a new [email protected]

    Both methods use setleds utility (installed by deffault) to control and set a desired keyboard modifiers state.

    Etremely simplyfying, a startup sequence may be seen as:

    1. Multu-user.target (runlevel 3) is reached
    2. After that a display manager may be started
    3. After that DM starts an Xorg session

    Both methods work when a system reaches multi-user.target. It means that Numlock (and other modifiers) will be set to desired state even before display manager or Xorg session start.

    Both are easy to implement, though require some skills.

  • @just Muchas gracias, muy clara tu respuesta. Todavía no tengo esas habilidades.

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