• Antergos not installing propperly or booting

    Nvidia driver packages are just updated to version 418.43.

    In the installer, you could try to update the nvidia packages first on the stick and then restart cnchi. Not sure that it helps, but worth a shot.

  • I´ve been busy lately, i will try as soon as possible.

    thanks anyway

  • I do invest an hour on creating nvidia ISO today, let it build at the moment, but will see if it succeed later when I am back from the kitchen at 🌃

  • @joekamprad
    Did the build succeed? I´ve been out most of the weekend so i couldnt try anything, and if you will kidnly build this Nvidia ISO, I don´t care to wait sometime

  • Sorry, no success it do not build at all, there are some unresolvable issues with the build script…

  • the new mageia 7 iso comes with non-free nvidia at boot selection. try that one
    if you want more or less an arch based try KaOS you can use AUR to makepkg most of the time if needed but it also has a non-free nvidia selection at boot

    why does not Antergos has this non-free nvidia selection?

  • @trytip integrating nvidia drivers is already implemented optional on building the Antergos ISO, but it is not used for the official build.

    As far as i know it is problematic for legacy nvidia cards.

  • I forgot to reply

    I ended up trying Manjaro, latest developers booted and installed no issue. i’ll be on this system until next reinstallation, hope that by then kernel 5.0 will be on every distro

    Thanks you all

  • @alberto_kakolukylla
    Linux 5.0.0-arch1-1-ARCH is at the mirrors

  • Manjaro uses an older kernel version AFAIK.

    Also manjaro iso uses grub instead of syslinux as bootloader (if someone is suspecting about other problem beyhond kernel or nvidia driver). Not sure if manjaro comes with Nvidia drivers though.

  • Manjaro gives you the option of starting at the Install with nvidia drivers or later adding them through settings.

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