• Antergos not installing propperly or booting

    Hi there

    I recently got a new machine and i´ve been already two weeks trying to get Linux to boot

    I is an AMD X470 platform and depending on the ISO i´m using the results varies. With the latets one i got to live USB and I use it, but when I hit install, it begins and stops for a good 2-5 mins in Installing Bootloader. then without the bar moving it reports as success in install and promt me to reboot. But when i boot from the GRUB in the Drive it gets to GRUB minimal Bash-like console.

    Using an older ISO it wont even boot to the live USB, neither normal nor nvidia fallback, all i got is the tty1screen for a few seconds telling me to reboot and try again to install, then after those seconds it goes away and only a blinking bar remains, doing ctrl + alt + del, reboots system showing the process as normal.

    Other distros has one of those issues.

    AMD Ryzen 2700
    Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMNG
    G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3000mhz
    MSI Ventus RTX 2060
    Kingston NVME SSD
    2 x 7.2k rpm HDD (I´m trying to install Linux in one of these)

  • @alberto_kakolukylla
    Did you read this: https://antergos.com/wiki/install/installing-antergos-2/

    The first important task is to correctly create the USB installer from the ISO.
    Use either dd or etcher.

    To help you more, please give the exact info about what steps you have done at preparing and installing, and include all details. That it the only way it is possible to help.
    Also any logs help a lot.

  • I did read the guide, i’ve installed Antergos before in different machines but this one is a troublesome one…

    I create the bootable USB from rufus in Windows with GPT for the partition table and Fat32 then DD mode.
    Then I reboot system, mash F12 to boot selection, select the USB UEFI option, then a list of diferent Live Images appear, i select Live Image (USB) then it boots to desktop or to tty1 with a prompt telling me to reboot and install it using cnchi, if it manages to get into the desktop I pick, Deepin Desktop, AUR, Libre Office, Flash, Privative Drivers, and Firefox. Then I set up the keyboard as normal, and select my 200MB Fat32 partition for grub(/boot/efi) and an ext4 partition for / and install, it donwloads everything and installs it, but when installing GRUB it gets stuck and it ends the instalaion after a few minutes (all in the same spot, progress bar is 1/4 full) and promt me to reboot to use my newly installed system. After reboot the only thing I find is a new grub entry on boot menu but picking it only leave me a minimal bash-like grub terminal. no GUI, no timer, nothing.
    doing chroot and os-prober and reconfig grub does nothing.

    I will provide logs in a follow up post after i recreate the image and try again

    Also mention, i did try disabling IOMMU, enable CSM. Secure Boot is disabled and BIOS is the latest update in the BIOS changelog mentions AGESA as new in this revision

  • @alberto_kakolukylla
    OK, thanks for the detailed info.
    If it doesn’t work with Deepin, maybe try another Desktop Environment like the very stable Xfce (my favorite :)) just to have some more info to go.

    And the logs, they really can be useful.

  • @manuel
    Right now I cant provide any more info or logs, I cant get the system to reach the live image i just get this promt telling me to reboot in order to use cnchi
    And then, a blinking bar, cant even type all I can do is ctrl alt del to make the system turn off. Trying to get into TTY 1-6 only shows the same text fot a few seconds

    And im not sure if this boot screen is correct all I see is a black background and a few options:
    Boot live (cd/dvd)
    Boot live (usb)
    Boot live (non-graphical fallback)
    Boot live (NVIDIA fallback)
    EFI terminal
    EFI terminal
    Boot live (VESA fallback)
    EFI firmware settings

    at this point i only can think of some problem with this new RTX 2060 video card, or the motherboard doing something weird

  • look into adding nomedeset at the boot menu before quiet splash. it may or may not, won’t hurt to try

  • Ok, after a deep reshearch, i founf out that in fact it is the RTX card, neither Nouveau nor Nvidia has support for turing architecture yet.

    Nouveau is going to get basic display output in kernel 5.0 guess ill have to wait a bit longer to be able to use Linux. I found out this after testing manjaro with and without privative drivers and doing a quick shearch in google.

  • @alberto_kakolukylla
    Could you send some pictures about your screen about the problem? That might create some new ideas…

    The boot menu: usually the first two are used, you should test both of them since it depends on the machine which one of them works.
    If none of them work, maybe try the fallbacks.

  • I already tried all the diferent fallbacks and live modes, no one seems to be displaying anything. let met get a picture and a video of what happens after all of this.



    while testing this i figured out that Nvidia Does provide drivers for my card, but not on the stable branch, i need a live CD that uses nvidia-beta branch in order to have something on display

  • @alberto_kakolukylla
    As far as I can see, it seems that Nvidia is already supporting your card: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
    I selected GeForce RTX 2060 and Linux 64-bit.

    Seems that RTX 2060 support is a very recent addition by Nvidia. But as you say, you may need the beta driver version 418.30.

    Maybe you could download it the try to install it in the chroot mode. As I don’t have any experience installing Nvidia driver to Antergos this way, I probably cannot help much more with that.
    But maybe someone else on the forum knows about this?

    BTW, your video shows a problem with ZFS drivers. Maybe you could try installing with the ext4 filesystem and see what happens?

  • I cannot install a system without the installer, and can’t get to live, so i might need a live image with these beta drivers. or wait until nouveau supports this GPU (its supposed to be on kernel 5.0) i could try to wait, edit a bit antergos to get this driver, or plain wait until nouveau let me see the screen

    the ZFS issue bothers me less than being unable to install linux at all.

    I’ll keep looking how could i get beta drivers into a live image

  • @alberto_kakolukylla


    @joekamprad was making antergos_mvidia.iso may he knows something about it.

    Also possible to try LTS kernel (but Antergos live doesn’t come with it)

    You could try Portergos (just to check if it boots your system using LTS kernel) The versions are old, but worth for testing

  • @alberto_kakolukylla
    Just realized one possible way to install (with some variations depending on what devices you have available), but it requires another machine and some tinkering. :)

    So: if you have another machine (call it machine2), move the disk from the problematic machine (call it machine1) to machine2. Also you’ll want to temporarily remove the original disk(s) from machine2 so that they are not affected.

    Now, install Antergos to machine2 (onto machine1’s disk). Additionally install also the drivers that you need in machine1 (like nvidia etc.). You probably should make a simple install, just plain ext4 file system with simple partitioning, in order to minimize potential problems.

    Now move the disk back to machine1 and see if it works any better.

  • I also thought on using other machine to install the drivers, but i think that nvidia propietary drivers only installs on compatible systems and my other system uses an AMD card, the other option is using my laptop, but since it is a laptop, I can’t disable other drives, I can just extract one of the 2 it has, i don’ want to dismantle the hole laptop to reach the Caddy inside (have to lift keyboard and other stuff) and use a Sata to USB adapter wich i’m not sure if it works with 3,5" drives.

    Before doing that, I will try to get a persistent USB live CD to see if installing drivers to the persistent file makes it boot with a display, if not i will just wait a few weeks to get final 5.0 kernel wich comes with nouveau supporting basic display output on turing cards.

    EDIT: I’m not sure why, but i couldnt find how to make a persistent USB, so no testing

  • @alberto_kakolukylla
    It is possible to install any graphics drivers to a system, since they are just packages. I’ve done that in a virtual machine and actually copied the contents of that VM to a native machine successfully and was able to boot and use the system normally.

    But I can understand that what I suggested is lots of work and not always possible. And nothing really guarantees it will work.

    Actually I have made a persistent Antergos USB. It is in fact not very difficult. The Arch wiki had (almost) working instructions, only some names needed to be changed if I recall right.

    I’ll find the info and come back here later.

  • @alberto_kakolukylla
    Now I found the instructions for making a persistent USB installer:

    On the USB:

    • Create e.g. two partitions, one (where the installer contents go) has FAT32 filesystem. The other partition can have any filesystem, e.g. ext4.
    • Make the FAT32 partition with label ANTERGOS, and flag it boot.
    • The FAT32 partition must be at least the size of the Antergos ISO file.

    If I recall right, the other instructions were OK on the Arch wiki article.

  • @manuel
    Thank you for the instructions, I will ahve to do it from Windows, since my laptop has problems with bumblebee and its not fully fuctional (have to boot into rescue mode to reinstall intel drivers) anyways.

    I’ll try tomorrow and report results.

  • Adding packages from AUR to the ISO is not that easy, as it needs to have them as a package on a repository… but it looks like that there will be a need for a nvidia enabled ISO again, if support for this cards are not possible with nouveau…

  • @joekamprad
    So a new Nvidia ISO is needed?
    I wonder when, rtx cards have been out for a while already, and no one noticed?

    While the ISO is made i will try to install it the ways I know

  • @alberto_kakolukylla i say: but it looks like that there will be a need for a nvidia enabled ISO again
    I will try to do so when i got time to do it, as i am not a developer here at anteros and do not have much free time at the moment…

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