• Company of Heroes 2 (linux native on steam) problems.

    Hi guys !

    I´ m having issues with Company of Heroes 2 on steam.
    When i klick on “start” in the steamclient the first startup window shows and then 1sec later it just closes and nothing happends. No error message no thing. When I check in the system monitor there is nothing…the game isn´t running at all. I have been looking around for some kind of errorlogg for the game in the gamefiles and folders. But I´ m sure what I´ m looking for.

    Have anyone come across this before or currently, regardless of hardware or DE in Antergos or any other distro with CoH2 ?
    If so, did you find any solution ?

  • @mraz
    If you start it using a terminal, what is the output on the terminal?

  • @manuel

    Funny story !! 😀 😉
    So I ran into other problems, witch ended up in a reinstall of the system.
    And when I got back in the OS and reinstalled Steam I just pointed to my steamlibrary (have it on another drive) and suddenly it worked perfectly fine.

  • @mraz
    Reinstall - mother of all remedies! 😄

  • @manuel

    Yepp…almost like back in the days when I used the other OS (the one witch thay name shall not be spoken) ! 😀 😉

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