• Show DE & Screen Res in Conky

    I have searched through man conky and also the conky home page on GitHub, but cannot find how to display the desktop environment or the screen resolution with conky. I know the DE can be displayed because I had a conky setup once that did it, but I’m not sure about the resolution. If anyone knows or has better searching skills than mine, I would appreciate knowing how to do these things. Thanks, in advance.

  • exec xdpyinfo | awk '/dimensions/{print $2}'

    will show current screen resolution

    exec echo $DESKTOP_SESSION

    current Desktop session environment

  • Thank-you, joekamprad. This is the correct answer; I could not find this myself – must be looking in the wrong places, or just need more scripting knowledge. Thanks again.

  • @rocket mostly all you can show from a terminal can be used inside conky… so when i search i do searched for show monitor resolution in terminalshow desktop Environment in terminal here…

    current Desktop session environment
    exec wmctrl -m | grep "Name:" | awk '{print $2}'

  • Yes. Very good suggestion, joekamprad. Thanks.

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