• Antergos has a black lock screen in VBox - no login possible


    After a few minutes without doing something on the PC, Antergos turns into a lock screen. So far, so good.

    But the lock screen is black. Therefore I could not type my password, becaus I see nothing.


    Interesting is, when I put the LOOKED Antergos on the task bar and wait a few minutes, the look screen is normal again. This is really uncomfortable and impractical when I will work with my PC at the time, I want to work with. Not after a few minutes after looking the screen an put it on the task bar… ;-)


    I have this problem since two months.

    I use Xfce.

    I don’t know, if this would be an antergos-problem or a vbox-problem.

    This info is also in the virtualbox-forum: -> viewtopic.php?f=3&t=91845 (I could not post URLs)

    Best regards to you.

  • @an0n1mous
    Is your host OS also Antergos? Or Windows?

    I suspect the graphics driver, although there could be other reasons.
    What is the graphics card model?

    Have you installed packages virtualbox-guest-dkms and virtualbox-guest-utils into the VM?

    If you have Antergos as host, did you install packages virtualbox-host-dkms and virtualbox-ext-oracle (from AUR)?

  • @an0n1mous
    I can confirm the issue. I just installed Antergos Xfce into a VM, and the same thing happens. So far I couldn’t get the VM working after the lock, even after putting it to task bar for a few minutes.

    EDIT: now the VM is usable again. So exactly as you described.

    Now I’m testing an older VM. Takes some time though.

  • An older Antergos VM did not have this issue.
    Maybe @developers have an idea?

  • @manuel what is difference in video settings if the virtualbox ?

  • On one of the last updates of vb they introduce a new graphic driver option, and it is still a bit buggy…
    called VBoxSVGA changing from that to legacy driver: VBoxVGA is working without these issues

  • @manuel: The host OS is also Antergos but with KDE.

    I have this problem with two IT-Systems:
    -ThinkPad T530
    -HP Workstation Z210 with a NVIDIA Quadro

    I have installed all needed packages but not the AUR-packages (I won’t trust them). But it works wonderful in the past also without the v-ext-oracle. Only since two months this problem appears.

    @joekamprad : The VBoxVGA-Driver did not solve this problem with the black look screen. Only this problem: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/11380/antergos-will-not-start-the-live-environment-to-install-it-in-vbox

    I hope we or virtualbox will find a solution.

  • @an0n1mous
    I think it is a virtualbox problem.
    I just installed with older Antergos 19.1 in a VM and it showed the same issue.
    And also Antergos 18.9 in VM showed the same problem.

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