• NEMO as Gnome Desktop Icons, but missing desktop context menus...

    I’m missing critical desktop icon context menus. So a image says a thousand words,

    So far I’m the first to ever get this problem? on the right is what I have, on the left is what it should be!!!

  • what is this? NEMO as Gnome Desktop Icons ? installed over AUR? what it should do normally and what exactly is not working as expected?

  • I’m sorry your response does not make sense nor helps the situation.

    At no point did I mention AUR, I have not used any AUR nemo package. Is there a AUR NEMO that works better?

    PS. If your saying you don’t understand why someone would want NEMO as the desktop icon manager vs the terrible gnome extension version? well gnome desktop icons extension is… terrible…

  • @TheRiddickI do not understand at all what you were asking prior…

    NEMO as the desktop icon manager is what you want to get working?

    As your title is “NEMO as Gnome Desktop Icons” and there are icon themes called nemo too on the net available and also over AUR… so I was thinking you have installed one of these…

    Do you start nemo-desktop on GNOME startup?

  • Yes but that is NOT what I’m asking. In fact my TITLE tells the issue entirely. Why is it not obvious what I’m asking?

    I have Nemo Desktop working but its missing contextual menus that SHOULD be there as shown in the screenshot.

  • @TheRiddick You want someone to help you? then try make clear what you want to ask… we keep try stain friendly here at Antergos…


  • I’ll just wait for input from someone else, thanks anyway joekamprad.

    PS. I’m not having issue with installing and running nemo as desktop organizer. Just its function.

  • o.k. i was willing to do so, as i can find the issue on a vm where i would install nemo and invest time to track down the issue… but then i will do something else…

  • If your NEMO works fine as a desktop manager with contextual menus labelled Desktop -> Auto-Arrange and other such functions, then you don’t have the problem I have and it would be hard to track down at your end.

    I was hoping someone else has encountered this issue before and could provide input.

  • Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-02-17 13-44-12.png

    Same here…

  • as far as i can see this is the normal behavior at the current updated apps… settings are simple moved under customize and some are not available over right-click menu anymore…

  • if you want to see the default settings rename


    logOFF and when you log in a new cinnamon default profile will be created will be created. BEWARE you may lose your customized settings for gnome also
    in my mint 19.1 cinnamon this is what i have for the desktop with the official cinnamon desktop from the mint developers.

    this is the way things are now.

  • @trytip but this is cinnamon and @TheRiddick is using nemo at GNOME Desktop, there are no cinnamon configurations in this case…

  • Ok both those are decent options, I didn’t even realise it was all hidden under customize to start with, lol. Thanks.

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