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    Can I use Antergos without knowing the pacman commands? I only know Debian commands.

  • @debiandonder
    To get full control of the system I think you should understand at least the basics of pacman. And pamac is also quite useful.

    But here’s something to help with pacman:

  • Yes, you are right, can’t really use Linux if you can’t talk to the OS. I am just so used to Debian based Ubuntu distro’s. Antergos has a real good installation method, where you can pick and choose during the installation. If Debian has something like that I would stay with it. Antergos ahead!

  • for common use you do not need to know much about pacman itself or commands, you can use graphical package manager pamac installed by default:
    Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-02-13 20-54-37.png

    It is able for install and uninstall packages and to update system…

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