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    I come from a Ubuntu background and am currently using Debian 9 Stretch based Q40S. It is okay, but I’m seriously thinking of moving to Antergos.

    Should I learn basic commands first before switching?

    I know most of the Debian/Ubuntu commands, I use when stuff break or something else goes wrong, but not familiar with Arch commands.

  • most commands will be the same, as they aren’t distro-specific. The main thing you might need to read up on is how to use pacman (arch’s equivalent to apt). You may also need to look up how systemd works - depending on how old a Ubuntu/Debian you’re running, you might be coming from upstart or Sys V.

    You’ll find most of the rest to be unchanged. Just a lot faster. ;) (To its credit, Antergos comes with pamac, which is a GUI front end for pacman. With the exception of one bad package that caused Gnome to fail to start a few weeks back I haven’t actually had to use pacman’s CLI at all since installing.)

  • mostly arch wiki got it most : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacman/Rosetta

    but learning, linux is always a learning curve :) but there we have virtualbox for to test & try then you are more knowable about things

  • @TaraF I am using Q40S at the moment and sometimes the KDE menu stops working. Some program made it stop responding and not knowing what to do I pressed ctrl+alt+delete. That gave me the screen were I could restart the thing. That was weird because it’s based on Debian and not Windows.

    I will just go back to some Ubuntu based distro, have been using it since 2014 with no great bugger ups.

  • @debiandonder on linux if nothing get upgraded mostly does not stop working without a reason, probably there was some update beside that other parts was not refreshed then it goes that way that one piece not working basicly like if some kde depency get updated but not the menu itself. but if the menu get later updated then it get fixed but technical for some toolate :)

    also on Fb groups i have seen errors on ubuntu is not things is waterproof.

  • @ringo32 You are right, two weeks ago I used Firefox 64 bit snap version and it froze my Ubuntu 14.04 so that nothing worked. Not the mouse or keyboard and not even the reset button.

    Had to pull the plug and switch on again.

    I will move onto Debian next, it’s just a shame their Firefox ESR is so buggy. At least Chromium and the OS itself works fine.

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