• reboot 'resets' display settings


    I just switched from ubuntu to antergos and I don’t regret it!

    The thing is that on every startup/reboot I have to switch from the internal monitor to an external manually.

    Anyone has some hints how I can save those settings?


  • you can try like this ? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/xrandr#Toggle_external_monitor i dont know your setup mayby with this link you get a bit set in neighbourhood

  • @selion do you set this up with gnome-control-center? And what exactly is the problem? Do you want to switch default Desktop to the external monitor when you plug it in? or doesn’t it enable/use the external monitor?

  • @ringo32 thanks for that script. I played a bit with it and I’m pretty sure it will work. I Just think there has to be an error somewhere because it worked on ubuntu with gnome?!

    yes I use gnome-control-center.
    The external monitor is connected permanently via mini dp.

    So I startup my laptop whatever configuration is activated right now I change it to single display external monitor.

    On next startup/reboot this configuration is lost. Interesting thing is it’s either single display - internal monitor or join display.

    Hope this makes it clearer!

  • @selion i would say usually it should be recognized by gnome, but the easiest solution is to create a xrandr script and autostart it with lightdm or at login to DE.
    For lightdm adding:


    right after [Seat:*] inside /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

    and save the script under /etc/lightdm/greeter_setup.sh

    I am using this to setup dualscreen setup … and both are connected permanently… for toggling you may follow the link @ringo32 gives beforehand…

  • I never setup up the script to run it at startup but ran it manually. Since the latest updates (from a week ago or so) it started working as expected.
    It might also be related to the displayport connection since I didn’t have this issue with another monitor connected over hdmi

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