• Solutions to some common problems

    If you encounter an issue, please start a new thread about it and explain in detail what you did and how to reproduce the issue.

  • I have no issues but i think you should add this to the Downgrade part of your post because downgrading can have its own problems caused by not downgrading dependencies if necessary.

  • @mutze
    OK, I’ll modify the note about downgrade, a good idea.
    Just didn’t know first whether you had an issue, or wanted some to be added to the beginning.

  • Added a note about always writing down changes you make to your system and settings.

    That may prove to be very helpful when trying to solve strange problems!

  • Added a workaround for the case when installer does not find some packages.
    This problem may happen e.g. when Arch devs move an official package to AUR.

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