• some packages missing

    So, i finally managed to install Antergos, and chose KDE as my default desktop, as I’m a KDE fan … first thing i notice is, there is no Show Desktop widget which i had by default on Manjaro, then i open the add widgets menu, search for it and can’t find it … i start searching for it on google, and located in Kubuntu forums that it’s in the plasma-widgets-addons package … but that package doesn’t exist on Antergos … so … how do i the show desktop widget/applet?

  • kde has also a own widget store, ?

  • @kronikpillow
    kdeplasma-addons should have Show Desktop.


  • Minimize all Windows (kdeplasma-addons) 5.14.5-1
    Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-02-09 11-42-05.png

    installable with pamac…

  • @manuel thats the package which I’m looking for, but it’s not in my repositories, maybe i have some mirrors missing? when i installed Antergos i allowed the installer to manage my repositories list … should i add some?

    @ringo32 yes it does, but it doesn’t show the widget I’m looking for, while on other KDE based distros it’s there, and on some it’s installed by default

  • @kronikpillow
    It is the extra repository. Check your /etc/pacman.conf that it has extra enabled.
    You could also show your /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist contents, but I guess it has nothing to do with that package being not available.

  • reinstalled Antergos, enabled all repositories, and now it’s there, thanks for the help ^^

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