• How to Change System Language after Install

    I just reinstalled Antergos with Xfce after a brief fling with MX. Must have selected Great Britain or Australia carelessly because now I have things like “send to rubbish bin” instead of “send to trash.” No big deal, but would prefer to use American English for the main system language. How can I change this without reinstalling?

  • what is your localectl status ?

  • @rocket


    sudo nano /etc/locale.gen
    unhash (remove the commenting out # sign before the language you want to put)
    und comment (put the # before that one you do want remove)
    save file Ctrl+X

    and regenerate locale.conf:
    sudo locale-gen


  • With these comments I was able to reset the language successfully. Thanks to you both.

  • @rocket you are welcome

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