• Session changed to wayland.

    Hello, due to a recent lightdm problem i switched to use gdm instead of lightdm, so far so good, all is working fine, the login process is a bit slow but not a big deal.
    What i have not noticed until today is that using gdm my session changed from x11 to wayland.
    what advantages or disadvantages could the change cause me? i have read lots of articles about wayland is not produccion ready yet. Do you recommend to stay with lightdm/x11? the problem with lightdm was solved in a recent update.

  • wayland get these day forced more intoo the standard, like in fedora/gnome is wayland session standard, more and more distribution set it to standard to have more feedback. but is is recommended? depend how your experience is, xwayland make things more compatible for x11 related software like chromium…if it works is ok, if you got some minor issues, try in a new session if you got the same… then you know its wayland or not

  • @miguel-mirandag
    GDM is the default DM for Gnome and since Gnome uses Wayland by default, GDM starts up in Wayland session.

    Wayland has improved a lot, on some areas it is even smoother than Xorg. Just search on Youtube for the latest Fedora release.
    At the moment it’s hard to say what advantage Wayland has over Xorg, the overall opinion prefers Xorg for full compability with every single app. On the other hand Wayland is getting more and more mature for use, so just try it in your situation. I for instance have tried Wayland and especially under Gnome, Wayland performs snappier than Xorg. The only reason I didn’t and can’t switch (I’ve tried it on an older machine, I use for testing) is that my main machine has a Nvidia card and Wayland still doesn’t run smooth with it.

    You can switch to Xorg within GDM, just click on the wheel icon next to the login button and choose Gnome Xorg.

  • this is my home notebook, chrome, uget and libreoffice most of the time, i wil test wayland, regards

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