• Turn off hibernate/standby completely

    Sure, I’ll give it a go, though I’m no longer convinced that it’s actually a problem that can be solved by disabling suspend features, but regardless, that is something I very much want to do, and have done to the best of my abilities, though not this way.

    Well, thanks and fingers crossed.

  • @7314776
    Initial testing looks good. I’ll give it a day or so, with testing, as it doesn’t always fail in a reliable way.

  • @zacariaz
    Hope this helps. At least, you’ve got the way. My initial intent was to exterminate “hibernate” from the system ‘cause Suspend performs well out-of-the-box and Hibernate has little sense with an SSD, but the wiki guide AFAIR has section on disabling Suspend as well

  • It would seem that it didn’t work.
    I just put on a youtube video and turned off the monitor, which resulted, seemingly, in a crash. however it returned beck to life upon turning on the monitor.
    I tried to find a reason for this in the logs, but with not success. Presumably it is the issue I’ve been reading about, most notably here: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=109001

    Anyway, it’s no big issue, as long as I know how to avoid it happening, which in this case simply means minimizing the browser. (at least that has working up until now)

    Only thing I could find is this:

    Feb 25 23:25:00 TipTop root[18460]: ACPI group/action undefined: jack/lineout / LINEOUT
    Feb 25 23:25:00 TipTop root[18462]: ACPI group/action undefined: jack/videoout / VIDEOOUT
    Feb 25 23:25:21 TipTop root[18471]: ACPI group/action undefined: jack/lineout / LINEOUT
    Feb 25 23:25:21 TipTop root[18473]: ACPI group/action undefined: jack/videoout / VIDEOOUT

    and perhaps this, though without a proper timestamp it’s hard to say:

    [ 24606.633] (EE) AMDGPU(0): drmmode_do_crtc_dpms cannot get last vblank counter

    Could be relevant, but doesn’t really tell us much I think.

  • Ok, let us consider GUI options of power/display management. AFAIR, XFCE has a number of those to be considered. I’ll describe what I did in Cinnamon (all my desktops using it now, so, very sorry not to remember what it was like in XFCE).

    1. Power.
      1a. Disable PC (HDD/SDD, display, whatever else) from going to suspend/hibernate after N minutes. Always up and running, I decide when to sleep or to die.
      1b. Disable screensaver. See 1a.
      1c. Disable screen locking in case suspended or hibernated, if home user and no need to lock against some youngsters trying to install minecraft.exe on your Linux PC.
    2. Display
      2a. Power off.
      2b. Connect both.
      2c. Power on.
      2d. Go to System GUI Administration/Settings/Parameters – do not remember where it was (and using another GUI language)
      2e. See if displays are enumerated.
      2f. Select your second display (if you want it to be the main when you turn off the basic one)
      2g. Make it primary.
      2h. Turn off (software setting, not hardware button) the first (now via s/w defined as second) display. No image on your basic display, full available resolution image on the second display should be the result. Some explanation: you work normally, fire up you PC, it starts and uses the basic (intrinsic) display. Want to have some relax? Connect your second display (optional one, now defined as the main one in software settings), the system at boot catches up the settings, disables your native display and works only with the optional one.
      Shitty solution in case you have both displays always connected, but give it a try if it is convenient in your situation.
  • @7314776
    I want to thank you for your efforts, but I think I understand maybe about half of what you’ve just written. ;)
    Regardless, as I wrote earlier, it’s an issues I’m able to circumvent and it should resolve itself in time, if I’m not much mistaken.

  • @zacariaz
    Good enough! Do not know how to change the situation? Change you attitude to it! Anyway, you’ve got your account here and you can always come back and try a new solution, in case the current fails. Good luck and feel comfortable!

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