• Suggestion: Add an option to boot with terminal

    When I boot on my computer with antergos I can see the message:

    "For non graphical boot add systemd.unit=multi-user.target"

    My questions are:

    • Why won’t add a button or keyboard shortcut to do this automatically?
    • It’s a design decision, or there’s some kind of technical limitation?

    Thank you.

  • It’s not technically impossible. You could theoretically program a prompt in to the lightdm (or whatever DM script you’re using) to present a prompt asking if you want to boot to tty or graphical login, and depending on your choice either present GUI or a tty login.

    The real question is whether it’s worth doing so - how many people would actually make use of it, and is it of enough value vs., for example, just switching to tty2 after boot to see a text display? (ctrl-alt-F2). Or disabling the dm entirely - if you run “sudo systemctl disable lightdm” (or whichever dm you’re actually using) and reboot, then you’ll get to a tty login every time. And would seeing that prompt actually annoy/frustrate more users than it would help?

  • you can disable loginmanager to do so also before reboot if you want to boot to CLI:
    sudo systemctl disable lightdm

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